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Where Can I Buy Ayahuasca Tea?

You can buy Ayahuasca online on our order buy DMT page . We are recognized by the ministry of culture, as a healer I refer our certificate below. The Ayahuasca medicine is a medicine for the humanity with a millennium origin, we have been using it for thousands of years. Check out legal status on here. If you have any questions regarding shipping or usage, refer to our FAQ page first, or contact us. The treatments with the Ayahuasca medicine are very successful in the fields of self-knowledge, psychology & detoxification.

buy ayahuasca tea

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You can in buy Ayahuasca tea brew here.

Our Ayahuasca is very well prepared in a ritual and blessed by a licensed Shaman. It will bring you to peace and a feeling of unity with the liquid Ayahuasca. The brewing with the molecular structure is modified with power of love, peace and unity and this is the secret.

Good Luck On Your Journey!