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Ayahuasca’s Allies: The Different Shamanic Plants and how they can Affect your Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca and Chacruna: The “Perfect” PairContents1 Ayahuasca and Chacruna: The “Perfect” Pair2 Adding Other Plants to Ayahuasca: Why Three isn’t Always a Crowd3 Calling Upon The Plant Spirits4 The Many Faces of the “Goddess of the Jungle”4.1 Toé, Ego Disintegration and the Divine Feminine4.2 Mother Ayahuasca and Father Chiricsanango: The Alchemy of Opposites5 Ritual and […]

Ayahuasca & Cultural Hybridity: The Changing Landscape of Amazonian Shamanism

How the West “Discovered” AyahuascaContents1 How the West “Discovered” Ayahuasca2 How Ayahuasca Infiltrated the Cultural Zeitgeist3 Mestizos: Cultural Go-Betweens and a Bridge Between Two Worlds4 The Birth of the Ayahuasca Tourist Lodge5 Ancient Medicine for the Modern Mind6 A Return to Nature7 Spirituality and the Intellect8 Final Thoughts Apart from a handful of hippies, ethnobotanists […]