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Ayahuasca Creation Myths and their Application in Modern Times

The Shamanic Link Between Myth and Medicine The origins of ayahuasca are rooted in the indigenous creation myths of the Amazon and its people. From a native Amazonian perspective, these ancient myths are far more than just simple stories and reveal deep truths about the hidden nature of ayahuasca and the holistic nature of healing.(1) […]

The Differences between Colombian, Brazilian and Peruvian Ayahuasca Ceremonies

The Dissemination and Distribution of Ayahuasca RitualsContents1 The Dissemination and Distribution of Ayahuasca Rituals2 Cultivating and Cooking Ayahuasca for Ceremonial Consumption3 Different Approaches to Dosage4 Setting the Mood: The Impact of Ceremonial Spaces5 Intensity and Gentleness: Different Approaches to Ayahuasca Healing6 The Importance of Vine-Leaf Ratios7 The Many Tones and Rhythms of an Ayahuasca Ceremony7.1 […]

One Plant, Many Applications: The Different Tribal Uses of Ayahuasca

A Three-Fold Model of the World’s Oldest ReligionContents1 A Three-Fold Model of the World’s Oldest Religion2 The Endless Variety of Amazonian Curanderismo3 An Indigenous Understanding of Ayahuasca and its Role in Divination4 Ayahuasca and its Role in Sustainability5 Ayahuasca and its Role in Love Magic5.1 Pusangas: Shamanic Love Charms6 Some Miscellaneous Uses of Ayahuasca  7 […]

Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions and their Ceremonies

Santo Daime and the Origin of Brazilian “Ayahuasca Religions” Outside of the indigenous context of ayahuasca usage, there exists in Brazil several different “ayahuasca religions” that fuse together various cultural and ethnic worldviews, blending Portuguese Catholic, native and African elements. The most famous of these “ayahuasca religions” is Santo Daime, a syncretic religion that was […]

How Ayahuasca Helps us Navigate the Dreamworld

Drinking ayahuasca is believed to help make dreams more vivid, aiding with dream recall due to the compounds in ayahuasca binding with various neurological receptors that effect and modulate brainwave activity in humans. The chemical changes that occur as a result of drinking ayahuasca have been shown to stimulate various regions of the brain that […]

Ayahuasca’s Allies: The Different Shamanic Plants and how they can Affect your Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca and Chacruna: The “Perfect” PairContents1 Ayahuasca and Chacruna: The “Perfect” Pair2 Adding Other Plants to Ayahuasca: Why Three isn’t Always a Crowd3 Calling Upon The Plant Spirits4 The Many Faces of the “Goddess of the Jungle”4.1 Toé, Ego Disintegration and the Divine Feminine4.2 Mother Ayahuasca and Father Chiricsanango: The Alchemy of Opposites5 Ritual and […]

Ayahuasca & Cultural Hybridity: The Changing Landscape of Amazonian Shamanism

How the West “Discovered” AyahuascaContents1 How the West “Discovered” Ayahuasca2 How Ayahuasca Infiltrated the Cultural Zeitgeist3 Mestizos: Cultural Go-Betweens and a Bridge Between Two Worlds4 The Birth of the Ayahuasca Tourist Lodge5 Ancient Medicine for the Modern Mind6 A Return to Nature7 Spirituality and the Intellect8 Final Thoughts Apart from a handful of hippies, ethnobotanists […]