Ayahuasca for Addiction Treatment: Does This Work?

Ayahuasca is a great alternative when dealing with addiction and/or substance abuse especially if the traditional medications no longer work for you.

Ayahuasca therapy is a very intense psycho-active ceremony that generates a process of introspection, through which one’s whole mind-frame is readjusted. It unfolds all the unresolved problems and unhealthy attachments you have in your subconscious.

Although its manners are gentle, the entire process can be difficult because it puts you under a microscope and in the darkest corners of your mind. An addict tends to avoid unhappy memories and traumatic experiences by consuming his drug of choice to keep his thoughts away. 

Ayahuasca used for addiction treatment works because it helps addicts face their problems by readdressing everything and digging deep inside to the core need of your being. With this, you get the chance to rediscover yourself, your purpose and your path. 

Addiction makes you forget who you truly are and who you were before you became an addict. But Ayahuasca therapy will lead you back to that healthy state of being, so you can start all over again.

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The cleansing which your whole being goes through is so profound that its effects last long enough to change you. The closures and conclusions you’ll reach after first session will be easier to manifest under the good disposition that it leaves you with.

Ayahuasca treatment for drug addiction and  substance abuse is effective because it helps break your harmful connections and dependence into an addictive substance. Iowaska treatment offers you freedom.

You can also search for “ayahuasca opiate addiction” and “ayahuasca alcoholism” to see more reviews about ayahuasca and addiction.

Spiritual Effect Of Ayahuasca Drug Addiction Treatment, Addictive Patterns – Regaining Yourself

mental health effects of ayahuasca drug rehab alcohol rehab

Like other psychedelic substances used as an alternative medication to conventional treatment for addiction, ayahuasca’s main gift is the spiritual experience.

The patterns of addiction work out towards a total dilution of one’s personality and sense of self.

You identify yourself with the addictive behavior, with being a victim, oppressed and not understood. You feel unaccepted by society and therefore you slowly avoid the people dear to you and the activities you used to enjoy.

With ayahuasca treatment for addiction, you close all links to the external world as a result of the internal pressure. Then, you gradually lose your strength, courage, will, and hope. In the end, you are left with hate towards yourself and everybody else.

Ayahuasca breaks this circle by allowing love and compassion to intervene in this dimension. This gives you the possibility to forgive yourself and all others.

An addict blames himself and the whole universe for his miserable life. Forgiveness and acceptance open the doors towards an independent and un-addicted existence.

The attitude of compassion is an attribute of divine grace. It enables you to accept and embrace the imperfection in the universe, in yourself, as well as in everything and everybody else. Ayahuasca tells you that beneath the imperfect appearance of the addict, lies a perfect being.

It’s as if you return to a forgotten perspective that you had before becoming an addict. Aside from renewing your mind, the psychedelic experience will give you a healthier and stronger body.

The cleansing process happens through purging. Through vomiting and defecating you throw out all the toxins from your body including the frustrations, insecurities, and self-hate you have kept within you in years. As a result, you clear yourself of everything unhealthy that you fed your body, mind, and heart.

Dependency has a tricky manner in which it captures and takes control of the psychic. A long-lasting addiction transforms the being in such a way that you become addicted to the addiction itself. By identifying with your obsession, you slowly become it. It’s a mental loop.

Ayahuasca has the capacity of transforming this imprisoning pattern. Once you’ve eliminated the negative vibrations and the drama, and when the suffering is transformed to peace and love you will get rid of addiction.

After you’ve purged everything, you begin to rediscover your core needs and desires, to reconstruct your personality bit by bit. And the amazing thing is that afterward, you will wake up unattached and completely free of addiction!

Thus, ayahuasca and addiction are two things that are somehow related because the former works for the latter. Many confessed that ayahuasca for drug addiction works. Actually not just for drugs or substance abuse because ayahuasca also works for alcoholism.

Chemistry Of Ayahuasca Resets The Chemistry Of An Addicted Brain

mental health effects of ayahuasca drug rehab alcohol rehab

How does ayahuasca work? The Ayahuasca brew is made out of two Amazonian plants: a vine, Banisteriopsis caapi that contains MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) and the leaves of Psychotria viridis containing DMT (N, N-dymethyltryptamine).

DMT, the spirit molecule is the substance that your brain is inundated within states of meditation, deep sleep or when dying. This is the chemical compound that alters your mind.

An addict has very strong dependency links to his addiction that it needs treatment to help him overcome the cycle. Ayahuasca proves helpful because it opens your eyes to reality so rich and new, that your three-dimensional frame becomes an entanglement of infinite possibilities.

This will make you realize that everything is possible, including the option to withdraw from your addiction. It can shockingly shake off any preconceived idea and pattern of behavior. It can rewire your brain for meaningful changes. Thus, putting you through a symbolic death.

The Ayahuasca brew ingeniously combines the MAO inhibitors to combat the natural arising inhibitors of the body. As a result, the effect of Ayahuasca lasts somewhere between 4 to 6 hours.

This is long enough to experience the symbolic death at all possible levels, enough to be conscious of everything and to remember it in detail. Like a newborn, you will have a clean slate, so you can start from zero. Only what truly matters is born again with you and the harmful pattern of addiction goes away for good with the purge.

Ayahuasca delivers a profound sensation of wellness and power. It grants the addict the confidence and strength to overcome his addiction.

The combination of the two plant mediciness that make out the Ayahuasca extract offers the addicted brain something it has lost along the way – plasticity. The mind suppressed by addiction is structured on certain paths that it becomes blocked.

By working on the neuroplasticity, ayahuasca not only welcomes new thoughts and feelings but also strengthens the healthy neural network it created.

Another aspect that is targeted by ayahuasca addiction treatment to free you from dependency is the reward center. For addicts, the reward is the substance they’re addicted to. However, once you realize that you can get satisfaction from just being alive, the substance starts to become less rewarding and more like a poison.

Studies Researching The Effect Of Ayahuasca In Addiction

The use of ayahuasca in the treatments of addiction is relatively new in Western medicine and it still is not accepted as a viable option. This is mainly because of the lack of studies supporting its effectiveness for wellness.

Also, Western doctors cannot accept the relationship between the spiritual and the physical dimensions without scientific proof. The claims that curing comes only because of the consistent and recurrent participation at a collective ritual are also not enough to back up the reliability and effectiveness of ayahuasca in addressing addiction.

One study observes 15 members of the União do Vegetal , a Brazilian church performing rituals with the sacred plant. Some of them admitted to abusing drugs including amphetamine, opioids, and cocaine. Others confessed of alcohol and nicotine addictions.

A group of doctors studied and interviewed each of them. They concluded that through the regular rituals with the ayahuasca brew, all of them were freed from their addictions.

Here are other studies about the uses and effect of Ayahuasca:

A more recent study was conducted in Oregon, where 32 regular Ahahuasca practitioners, belonging to the Igrejia do Santo Daime were observed to assess the effects of the medicine on their psychological disorder. Among them were heroin and alcohol addicts who struggled their whole lives to get rid of their addiction. They found relief through ayahuasca sessions.

The Takiwasi Center, in the Peruvian Amazon, is dedicated to the study and treatment with Ayahuasca. They also combine the ancestral knowledge and rituals with contemporary psychotherapy to address addiction disorders. Since its opening, hundreds of patients have been treated in this clinic, most of them were addicted to cocaine and alcohol.

Psychiatrist Gabor Mate, under the sponsorship of MAPS Canada, performed an observational study during a 5-day retreat ceremony after which he concluded that the ayahuasca treatment has significantly reduced the parameters of substance abuse after just one single ayahuasca experience.

Thus, ayahuasca cures drug dependence, alcoholism or other addictions you are suffering from. However, the results may vary aas you have to do your part to see changes. Be open to the wonders of iowaska treatment and embrace it to fully enjoy the freedom and healing it brings.

Why The Ayahuasca Therapy Works Where Conventional Treatment Fails

mental health effects of ayahuasca drug rehab alcohol rehab ayahuasca addiction center

Usually addiction is treated with group sessions and medications. However, only a very few are rehabilitated because it is only the structure that sustains this type of therapy. The traumas are not explored in any conclusive way and this conventional method therapy resides in replacing one addiction with another.

To give up heroin only to become a methadone addict or to lose alcohol in favor of cannabis is not rehabilitation. It doesn’t solve the addiction problem at all.

On the other hand, in the ayahuasca ceremony, the participants are encouraged to spit out their life sorrow during the purging stage.  In contrast to the traditional treatment, ayahuasca goes directly to the source of the issue, to the real cause of addiction!

By working out the therapeutic process from the core outwards, the Ayahuasca treatment can reprogram the mechanisms of your brain. It changes the coordinates of your mind and allows you to let go of your harmful behavior.

When you discover your real need, the addiction falls to the last places in your concerns list. As a result, you are freed from your enslavement.

Ayahuasca abuse is possible. Just like alcohol or drug, you can have yourself overdosed with iowaska. The common side effects are ongoing nausea, intense intoxication, panic, and psychosis.

Ayahuasca is a powerful solution to addiction. Just make sure that you do not abuse it because you won’t like the side effects. As the old mantra goes, “nothing in excess is good.”

In general, ayahuasca can effectively switch off your addictive behavior. So, if you are going through a difficult time to end a destructive habit, this alternative is highly recommended.

Where Can I Get Ayahuasca Therapy for Addiction?

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