The dangers and negative effect. These are the things that no wants to talk about. Most of the information on the internet talks about how ayahuasca has changed their lives for the better. But no one has talked about how ayahuasca has mentally impaired other .01% of people that has taken it.

If you search around enough, you’ll be able to find the negative aftereffects of ayahuasca, and this is something serious you should consider before taking it. Weight out the risks and rewards of taking this powerful hallucinogen. If you ever experience some kind of psychosis or mental health issues, we highly recommend you not taking it because it can bring out the worst of it.

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The Demons You See Inside Your Psyche

It digs deep into your subconscious. The demons you discover within you can affect you for the rest of your life.

This is major. Ayahuasca will surface your subconscious, and some people are more prone to psychotic thoughts. And it’ll all surface. Since the doors of your subconscious are opened, it’ll flood to your conscious. You’ll not be able to close it and cannot unsee the visions. Visions and violent thoughts that’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. Numerous people have been mentally capitulated by doing DMT or ayahuasca, and have also committed suicide.

Spiritual Emergence and Crisis

Another reason not to take it is that you’ll see things thats not in this world, and some people would not be able to handle this. This is called spiritual emergence/crisis:

“The psychological distress reported by Westerners who use ayahuasca is

complex and should not be reduced to theories about ‘‘bad trips.’’ While

the idea of ‘‘trauma’’ is almost always linked to a negative stressor, a person can

be traumatized as a result of a powerful positive experience as well. Religious

and spiritual experiences are sometimes so profound that one is unable to cope

and might develop distressing psychological symptoms as a result.” – Sara Lewis

Sara states that this is a good thing, and this indeed is the healing process. And IF one would turn his or her life around, profound changes and healings happen. However, this sometimes takes weeks, months, or even years. Some people get stuck in this depersonalization, psychosis, schizophrenia, and list of mental issues goes on. So ask yourself, is this something worth it? What are you trying to accomplish by taking ayahuasca?

Taking It For the Wrong Reason

Ayahuasca can heal even physical concerns, but only if the root is based on your emotional disarray. Some people are taking it in order to cure all physical problems. And this is often not the case.

Do not take it if this is the first week you found out about Aya. Young and naive people take it because they read some articles on Vice( or New York Times. This is not a party drug at this, and it is very dangerous if you treat it this way. Let the idea of taking it sit with you for months or years. Then you’ll know when you’re ready.

Worlds Needs Kindness and Forgiving

Lets end this on a brighter note. This world you’re living in is the manifestation of your thoughts and being. There is no doing, or doing. Things are exactly the way it suppose to be right now.

Take this moment as a gift, we’re here to learn. Be kind to others, as you send out kindness and love to others, it’ll come back to you.

Ayahuasca is about forgiving and accepting. You’ll know when you’re ready to take it. When aya calls for you, you go to it with utmost respect.

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