Why People Go In The Heart Of The Amazonian Jungle To Relieve Their Sorrow?

Depression is the leading psychological condition affecting humans worldwide. This condition is currently treated with antidepressants.

Unfortunately, unknown to may these medications are causing more problems due to its side effects. In fact, the results of these long-lasting treatments are rarely optimistic.

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In addition, your body develops resistance to these drugs. So, changing the prescription becomes a routine. In the future, you might exhaust all the medications and find none to work for you.

People who suffer from depression know that this condition is insufficiently understood by conventional medicine. This is too complex, too dependent on individual experiences, personality, and on their whole psycho-emotional structure to fit the standard therapies and medication.

So they look for new solutions. Even prestigious medical centers have begun to look for answers outside their laboratories and into the jungle.

Eventually, individuals with depression discovered Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca also known as iowaska or yage is a plant potion that magically relieves their sorrow and gives them an incredible life boost.

Moreover, it gives them a state of being that lasts long enough to reset their minds and help them become more enthusiastic and positive in life. This is something that their previous medications couldn’t possibly offer.

For those affected by depression, Ayahuasca seems to be the key to restructure their way of living and approach in perceiving reality. The brew from this plant has helped them improve their mood and health.

Ayahuasca’s Mode Of Action: Responds Perfectly To The Mechanism Of Depression

By combining the leaves of Psychotria viridis or Diplopterys cabrerana with the jungle vine Banisteriopsis caapi, the people of South America discovered one of the most powerful medicines that were ever created by man.

These two plant ingredients are growing naturally at great distances from each other. So, the idea to combine them into a potion couldn’t have been the result of an empirical ‘trial and error’ process.

The knowledge to mix these two plants must have been earned through more unconventional methods. No matter how they did it, Ayahuasca works wonderfully to individuals with depression.

Unlike conventional pharmaceutical products, this plant does not target a specific site in your brain. Instead, it has a more relative behavior that allows you to interact with your past issues that you have suppressed at the back of your mind.

It is precisely this undiscriminating style of action that makes Ayahuasca a great candidate for alleviating depression. It helps one develops the right attitude and state of mind to conquer the things that have been hunting them emotionally.

Depression manifests in various ways in different people. For some, it causes agitated anxiety or insomnia. For others, it makes them lethargic, withdrawn or empty.

Depression is a complex condition that materializes in people under traumatic stress or on the course of a series of traumatic events. The prolonged exposure to such negative stimuli, not only enslave the mind but convinces and reformats it to believe that this is its natural state.

It leaves one miserable as he questions his abilities to survive and function in the society. It may also leave him with social anxiety and panic attacks that may lead to isolation or worse, suicide.

Ayahuasca’s capacity to rewrite your brain’s pattern is significant in addressing this issue. This plant helps one confront those terrifying events in a calm manner and with a positive state of mind.

A number of individuals confessed that after taking this herbal brew, they had flashbacks of the most horrible events in their lives that caused them to be miserable. However, things turn differently during their hallucinations after taking this medicine.

They suddenly have the courage to face it and the experience no longer leaves them feeling helpless. It reorients their mind to see the same incident in a different way.

The traumatic encounters that used to haunt them and disturbed their peace have lost its power. It no longer hurts them. It no longer affects them.

It also replaces their loneliness with joy and their fears with acceptance and wisdom. Ayahuasca gave them a brand new life out of the same experience that used to drag them down.

It is difficult to explain how this Amazonian brew works in details. But it is believed to go directly to the source of the problem. Then it leaves one refreshed and sets him on a healthier route and a happier mind-setting.

Healing The Mind Is Necessary In Order To Heal The Soul

The intricate mechanism through which depression creeps inside one’s mind is still difficult to explain. It is as mysterious as how Ayahuasca reinvigorates and heals individuals with this condition.

Conventional medicine practitioners have already shown such a vivid interest in the therapeutic properties of this plant extract. But it’s still going to take a lot of time to fully comprehend the entire process.

The South America’s aborigine people believe in spiritual aspects. This might be the reason behind Ayahuasca’s wonders.

They believe that one’s psychic, emotional and physical nature are interdependent. This simple principle has been guiding the tribal cultures all over the world.

According to this belief, the condition of the mind will always be reflected in a certain emotional state. So, treating one will heal the other.

The Trance On Ayahuasca Is A Self Conducted Psychotherapy Session

Ayahuasca works in at least two ways – through the chemical action and by a process of psychotherapy that each has to conduce on its own.

The chemistry of the plant supplies obtains the necessary compounds to aid the brain in the process of reprogramming it. This can happen either consciously or unconsciously.

Ayahuasca generates introspection and self-analysis. It will lead you to the core issues that generate your problems.

Ayahuasca puts the light on long forgotten wounds. It helps you deal with your ill thinking and poor emotional patterns in a healthy way.

Most importantly, it helps you choose what’s good for you. It breaks the chain that weighs heavily on you. It encourages and forces you to take care of yourself, in its truest sense.

Thus, the whole process resembles a lot of a session with a psychotherapist. Most of those who participated in Ayahuasca ceremony confessed that the experience opened a way for them to reconnect with the spirits.

According to some, they have spoken with the spirit of the plants and animals which gave them answers to some of their questions. It also guided them in their self-exploration.

Once the sickening pattern becomes evident in the mind, it withers and breaks apart. The process leaves a new space for better and positive experiences.

It also induces a state of mind where feeling good seems to be the natural state. Thus, reprogramming is necessary and is the most reasonable step to take to renew your perspective on a bad experience.

The process offers enlightenment. It gives you a new beginning. It shows you the way to move forward.

However, you still need to work on it. You have to persevere and exert effort to stay on track.

For people with depression, taking ayahuasca is a breath of fresh air. It cleanses them mentally and emotionally.

It makes them wiser and more prepared to face the next challenges in their lives.

Averting The Noise In the Brain And The Loneliness In The Heart

During the Ayahuasca trip, one is confronted with the meaningful aspects of his life. This is significant in finding a purpose and joy for one’s existence.

Once your perspective has shifted to thinking about positive things, the mechanisms of your mind change. You will find yourself enjoying happier thoughts more often. By freeing the mind from its disturbing patterns, one is free to readdress the world from a different setting.

Depressed people usually suffer from social anxiety. This condition often leads them to withdraw from the people around them. They isolate themselves.

One of the essential effects of Ayahuasca is that it gives one an overwhelming feeling of connection. This is paired with a peaceful state of mind, where forgiveness and compassion are the natural states of things.

In this way, Ayahuasca alleviates social anxiety. It ensures the individual that he has its own role and place in the world. It brings back the lost self-esteem and power that he needs to love himself.

The process also includes purging that cleans your heart and mind from intoxication. Purging eliminates the sickening noise and thoughts that keep you restless.

The Chemistry Behind Ayahuasca’s Beneficial Effects On Depressive Minds

The science behind Ayahuasca’s action is simply incredible and it is mind-blowing how tribal people came up with this combo. This jungle brew, cooked on the fire under the bright blue sky, fuses two different chemical compounds that are a perfect match.

The leaves of Psychotria viridis or Diplopterys cabrerana contain DMT while Banisteriopsis caapi contains the MAO inhibitors. DMT, the spirit molecule, is considered by scientists as the prime generator of the psychotropic experience.

DMT is the introspective trance that one enters under the effect of Ayahuasca. This is usually generated by our organisms in altered states of consciousness, meditation, near-death experiences and the like.

This particular state of mind is at peace with everything and everyone. At the same time, it is of crystal clarity – the coordinates any depressive person longs for and never reaches.

Under normal conditions, it’s immediately broken down by our body’s enzymes, MAO (monoamine oxidase). Solely the effect of DMT would last only a few minutes if it weren’t for the MAO inhibitors to prolong and enhance the journey.

The duration of the entire process is of great meaning for the healing effect to take root inside one’s mind. It mirrors the great length of time that took for depression to settle.

Studies concerning the effects of Ayahuasca on depressed people show an increase in the number of serotonin receptors. This increases over time.

This gives the body the ability to manage and balance its serotonin resources efficiently. This is helpful as serotonin receptors modulate the release of neurotransmitters and influence your mood, cognition, aggression and more.

On the other hand, antidepressant medications concentrate on bombarding your brain with an excess of serotonin. The disadvantage of this approach is that, once it is exhausted it becomes depleted and you will need more serotonin to sustain.

This is the reason why the body develops resistance to this type of medication. You either need a higher dosage or have to resort to another type of drug to see results.

For this reason, the combination of substances that make up Ayahuasca is a more efficient solution than the chemically extracted DMT alone.

Studies Regarding The Effect Of Ayahuasca In Depression Therapy

Extensive research has been done to elucidate the mechanics and the amazing results of this treatment. But there is such a huge gap between the conventional and the tribal medical. So, it’s hard to translate the jungle experience into a standard clinical procedure.

For instance, the whole Ayahuasca ceremony needs a shaman to sing and blow tobacco smoke along with other ritual instruments. This cannot be incorporated into a hospital room.

In fact, this cannot even be considered relevant from a scientific point of view. Those doctors that conduct this type of trials are themselves, explorers and believers. Such notions are simply incompatible with any reasonable scientific practice.

So, to test Ayahuasca, they have to secure the climate of the experience under the same conditions as any other clinical trial. Of course, this is not easy. But many are hopeful that this is a possibility because more and more programs are being devised to study this medicinal brew on actual patients.

Jaime Hallak from the University of Sao Paulo found that one single session of Ayahuasca has long-lasting antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. Professor Draulio Barros de Araujo at the Brain Institute in Brazil also supports this claim.

Professor Araujo is at the forefront of medical research regarding Ayahuasca. One of his Ph.D. students invited him into a ceremony in 2006 and the experience convinced him of its efficiency.

Since then, Araujo has given the plant medicine to a great number of people afflicted by depression. He also recommends this to those with resistance to conventional medications.

A double-blind trial learned that 64% of participants experienced a significant reduction of depression symptoms a week after they took a single dose of Ayahuasca. This study supports the brew’s promising future as a solution to depression.

However, until now the scientific research that has been done in this domain couldn’t be considered conclusive due to lack of empirical instruments. But, the observational studies of the members of the Ayahuasca religion show that it has been clearly curing depression, anxiety and addiction.

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