Ayahuasca Entities: 8 Different DMT Beings You Encounter During The Ceremony

Do you want to know what participants see or experience during the ayahuasca ceremony? Are you ready to learn about the different beings or entities they encounter under the influence of DMT?

Joining ayahuasca ceremonies can be life-changing and what makes it very effective in tapping your core being is your encounter with various ayahuasca entities. If you do your research, you probably read about spirits, goddesses, animal and plant spirits and more. Some even claimed that they also see demons, aliens, and more.

The different stories from various participants that you will read in this article may inspire or discourage you to take the powerful Amazonian brew because the encounter can be positive or negative. For others, it might need several trips to encounter DMT entities.

Continue reading to learn the various beings one will potentially encounter during the ayahuasca ceremony.

Ayahuasca and DMT

Ayahuasca is an entheogenic brew from South America made from Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis shrub. B. caapi contains several alkaloids that act as monoamine oxidase inhibitors(1)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monoamine_oxidase_inhibitor (MAOI), which are required for DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) to be orally active. The other ingredient contains the primary psychoactive DMT which is one of the most potent entheogens ever known.

DMT is best known as the hallucinogenic compound present in ayahuasca. It’s one of the chemical substances known to cause hallucinations.

Ayahuasca is originally used as traditional medicine, but the bitter brew can trigger vivid hallucinations due to DMT which many, especially the Westerns, thirst to experience. Unfortunately, there are risks of fatal consequences.

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According to some users, it’s possible to have negative entity attachment. Some claimed that ill-spirits or low vibrational entities could piggyback on your energy field. They can really mess into aligning you to your purpose and it’s quite dangerous.

The trip it induces is significantly different from other psychoactive substances because it brings them into a distant realm where they meet various independent entities.

Oftentimes, the same entities appear to different people. Due to the reports, researchers attempt to catalog their experiences to figure out what or who those DMT entities are. Just recently, Dr. Roland Griffiths, a behavioral psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University, published a questionnaire asking the participants who have taken DMT and met DMT entities to share their experience.

The users said they felt like they were transported to a new world and outside their bodies. They felt like they were being reborn.

In the next section, you will learn about the different entities they encounter during the ayahuasca retreat and ceremony.

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Different Ayahuasca DMT Entities

Ayahuasca can be a profoundly visionary agent due to its DMT content. and the journey with it may lead you through many scenes. In low doses, DMT may cause people to hallucinate fractal patterns, geometric shapes and distortions in physical space around them. However, taking higher doses of DMT might lead to much stranger results.

Oftentimes people would find themselves in a wonderful environment like in a verdant forest, splendid and magical cities, or even inside spaceships. One may also see angels, aliens, spirits and elves. Meanwhile, some visions may seem completely random, fanciful and characters that seem to pop out of nowhere. Others even mentioned their alien abduction experiences.

“Visual phenomena, numinousness, peacefulness, insights and distressing reaction” were the most salient experiences while being altered by the DMT present in ayahuasca.

Here are the different DMT entities that you will likely encounter.

1.Celestial beings

One of the things that make ayahuasca ceremonies so powerful is because it can pave the way for you to meet the sky deity. Yes, while the participants were tripping after taking DMT, they may witness Biblical scenes and encounter realms full of light that exudes bounty and bliss.

One may see visions of angels, the gates of heaven and scenes of paradise where the supreme good reigns. There are also visions of seeing God encountering the Divine and being in the presence of God.

According to Benny Shanon, the theme can be divided into two categories — (1) Divine’s relationship with nature and (2) Divine’s relationship with humanity.

The thoughts and reflections when experiencing the Divine singles out three ideas pertaining to encountering God. The first two ideas have something to do with the nature of God. First, it suggests that God is beyond good or evil. Second, God has a sense of humor. Third, the idea about the meaning of life in particular, the reason why human beings are on this planet.

Many of them said they encountered Mother Ayahuasca. Some of them said she was a Goddess with superior power and the encounter was humbling that it shook them to the core in ways they never imagined.

Meeting Mother Ayahuasca made them see life from a brand new perspective. Everything was limitless and had no boundaries, giving them the power to do almost without limit, everything had no boundaries.

They see visions, hear sounds, feel their thoughts, see the sounds, everything was not ordinary. They felt that all of their senses were one. There was a singularity. During their encounter, time didn’t exist and everything happened in the present. There was no past or future, only an eternal present.

There was also no concept of success, failure, wealth, good or bad. Those things were must mental constructs and man-made. In fact, animals don’t have such concepts and they live better lives.

After the encounter, they tend to be more spiritual and religious. They viewed things differently and it was for them, a blissful experience because the highest divine being just showed herself, to them.

Aside from meeting deities, others get to encounter the sun, the moon, the sky and the stars in different settings. Several also met extraterrestrials with one saying she felt the alien abduction experiences during her trips so real, astounding, terrifying, and sometimes, enjoyable!

2. Plant Spirits

Plant spirits are another common entity that participants encounter. Plant spirits are also personified through the perceived interaction between humans and plants. According to Roger Haland, the “master plants,” “teacher plants” or “plant medicine” have a spiritual agency when the patients, visitors or curanderos are under their influence.

The participants will feel deep respect and connection to the plants and seek to implement the teachings they receive from the plants in their lives. There may be different interpretations on how the plant spirits work but just like meeting the goddesses and Mother Ayahuasca, the encounter can be life-changing.

Those who met the plant spirit said it spoke to them and it changed the way they perceived plants, trees and the environment around them. It made them feel connected to them. They started to appreciate the flowers, trees and more.

3.Deceased People

People see and experience various phenomena, including seeing deceased relatives. The sight of someone dear who passed away can be moving especially to those who are suffering from prolonged grief disorder (PGD).

Those who consumed the brew reported different kinds of ayahuasca experiences that helped them ease the pain and lessen the grief. When they were in altered states, they were flooded with memories of the deceased. Others said they re-encounter and interacted with the late person in some ways.

According to them, the bitter brew has helped them accept the reality of death while consciously deciding to move forward with their lives. This is not surprising at all as ayahuasca is known for helping people deal with addiction, treat depression, PTSD, anxiety and mental disorders. It also increases activity in the regions associated with mood and emotion regulations.

Moreover, it stimulates and protects the brain cells, thereby enhancing memory and the person’s capacity for mindfulness.

4.Ghosts and Demons

While others claimed to have met a goddess, some had a traumatic experience with the entities they encounter after drinking the brew. In fact, those who didn’t have a pleasant encounter do not want to recommend it.

According to some, they had a close encounter with demons and it was a horrible experience. They felt its wickedness and cruelty. They felt being attacked by and fighting against demons and some of them found the experience overbearing.

The terrifying encounter was due to the power of darkness. They appear and disappear and transform themselves into different shapes and forms. They don’t necessarily start out as a shadow or simply move around “out there.” Instead, they just appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes, there were too many of them and sometimes, they appeared at the same time. They charge against the victim forcefully until you give in.

Demon encounters are usually highly chaotic and patients under pressure must find a way to actively create or maintain some sort of order. According to others, they are not always seen and can take in various shapes.

There are a lot of stories about people who had a scary encounter with demons after taking the Amazonian brew.

“Boom! and the demons came out of nowhere, starting to circle around me, I was scared shitless, but started to cross me again, a thousand times [showing frenetic crossing] saying ‘the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’ [just as frenetically]. ‘They cannot get to me, they cannot get to me!’ I concentrated all of my energy on my amulet of Jesus and with that I could feel that God was with me all the time, not as in a vision, but as saying “I’m accompanying you, confront the evil!” Christoffer Stuveback wrote.

Another woman also shared her experience with ayahuasca demons in this video. According to her, she saw black smoke and it entered her body. She encountered three types of demons, the first ones were working on her brain, the second demons were sad and stuck in a type of hell and they were crying. Meanwhile, the third one was the leader and when it crept inside her body, she felt it growling in her ear.

For her, it was the darkest energy that she picked up even if she was filled with dark energy throughout her life because it was the worst. She felt that she lost her connection to God. She only got rid of demons inside her by having them exorcised by high priest Christopher L. Melchizedek.

The spirit of ayahuasca can make you very fearful and it can be a very scary experience for most people. Your fears can attract negative entities further into your energy field. It can be so terrifying that some felt they were dying. To make the matter worse, some felt that the demons went home with them and filled them with negativity, anger and bitterness.

5. Animals

Several ayahuasca participants also saw various kinds of animal entities when they were under the spell of the powerful brew. Among the most common animals that show up during the trance are snake, spider, black panther, and tiger.

In the next sections, I’ll give you an overview of what it means when you see those animals during your ayahuasca journey.


The panther spirit animal is powerful and protective. It signifies courage, valor and power. It can be a symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming one’s power, and the ability to know the dark, aggressive and power without solar influence.

One of its most striking features is its unblinking stare that seems to see right through your body. According to Ina Woolcutt, in panther medicine, their eyes can be used as a healing tool and it has the potential to heal at a cellular level. The panther is a powerful guide in one’s journey because it brings guardian energy.


Another common DMT entity that ayahuasca participants encounter is a serpent. The sight of giant snakes and serpents can be intimidating and scary much more when you see yourself in the midst of it wanting to swallow you.

The presence of a snake in one’s vision is common. Many often associate it with evil which gives one an unsettling emotion. However, despite its reputation, the Native American culture sees snakes as a sign of rebirth and transformation because of the way it grows. Snakes shed their old form to heal, grow and change their form which is likened to one’s rebirth or transformation.

Snakes can also represent fertility and a creative life force. It can be a symbol of healing in the spiritual aspect. Its venom can also represent healing or bring harm upon the subject who find themselves at its mercy.

Many DMT drinkers said they found themselves amid a giant snake about to swallow them. If the serpent swallows you, then it’s a journey in which it becomes the vehicle and you enter its stomach, and it’s when visions start to unfold. When one’s mouth is open it’s actually the spirit of ayahuasca wanting to enter their body.


Spiders are another common entity one encounters after consuming a brew with DMT! They symbolize creativity, and balance between past and future. Spiders also embody strength and gentleness combined. They have creative sensibilities and can teach one how to be creative.

Its 8 legs symbolize infinite possibilities of creation — 4 winds of change and the 4 directions of the medicine wheel. Usually, many associate the presence of a spider with Grandmother Spider, the weaver. Spiders are master weavers which involve joining separate strands of fabric into an integrated pattern. It can be translated to the people weaving their realities. A spider is a reminder that one creates many of the situations in their lives.

Spider brings you to an even deeper integration through its link with the spiral, the basic symbol of universal energy and figure eight which is related to infinity. Its presence is a reminder that we are connected to all life and there is no past and no future, only the infinite now. At the same time, it’s a great reminder that you are weaving your own destiny.

Some participants said they saw a spider after purging. One said he heard a voice that there was a demon inside him and he purged like crazy. When he checked the toilet he saw a black spider. According to several sources, the spider thrown up was bad energy and it was completely normal. Aside from spiders, cockroaches and bugs are normal imagery and throwing them up is a good thing.

According to a professional ayahuasca practitioner, it’s a gift to purge something dark or negative from your body and see it because it makes the experience tangible. You should appreciate purging spiders and be honored that what was dark is now gone and you can focus on the new light, love and joy in your life.

Overall, spiders are delicate and they embody the energy of gentleness. They are also gentle and not aggressive unless they have to defend their lives. So, if you see this DMT entity after purging, take it as a good sign.

Big Cats

Aside from encountering giant snakes, many people encountered big cats like jaguars or tigers after drinking DMT. Participants have different encounters with the big cats.

Some said they feared it when they first saw it because it was very big, but it became smaller as it approached them and was just a cub when it got near them. Then it played with them and reminded them of someone who passed away.

Big Cats can remind you how powerful you really are. You can be as powerful as you imagine if you dedicate yourself to achieving the common goal you have in mind. Seeing cats may also signify strength in open communication. Take the time to believe that others around you will fully understand what it is you desire to communicate. There is no need to hide who you are from anyone. Trust that they will be able to integrate your relations about yourself without withdrawing support.

It can also represent the feminine aspect of one’s self which is neglected or overlooked. One might be looking for excitement in their social sphere or spice in their sex life. Meanwhile, seeing a large pride of mixed cats symbolizes that one has not allowed himself to his true self to shine through for others to see.

It’s important to note that you have to be yourself when surrounded by large cats. Feeling threatened is a symbol of the need to go inward because someone or something is not allowing you to express yourself fully.

6. Fractal patterns and shapes

Fractal is a geometric pattern that is repeated at smaller or larger scales to produce self-similar irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. It’s a shape that is recursively constructed. to appear similar at all scales of magnification that’s why it’s also referred to as “infinitely complex.”

“Fractals are patterns formed from chaotic equations and contain self-similar patterns of complexity increasing with magnification. If you divide a fractal pattern into parts you get a nearly identical reduced-size copy of the whole. The mathematical beauty of fractals is that infinite complexity is formed with relatively simple equations.

By iterating or repeating fractal-generating equations many times, random outputs create beautiful patterns that are unique, yet recognizable,” one wrote on Quora(2)https://www.quora.com/Why-do-you-think-we-see-fractals-on-psychedelics-It-seems-to-be-a-common-thing.

Most people have seen fractals in nature like clouds, trees, mountains, rivers, and ferns. But aside from them, there are far more complex fractals. The ayahuasca participants usually see them in different ways like some see intense black and white geometrical patterns broken into triangles and diamonds. Others see many eyes in a distinct pattern. Some couldn’t describe the exact sight but noticed that they saw various shapes.

There are different opinions about seeing fractals during the trance. Leonard Schwa, an experienced spiritual seeker, believed that fractals are the shape of nature that is present in every visible object in the universe. Some are too big while others are too small, but present in everything, including those ones we can’t see.

When one is under a psychedelic substance, things seem to correlate on the atomic level being interrelated with never-ending connections that flow into the next item. One tends to sense or see the things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

However, visual effects supervisor Anderson Moore believes that hallucinating is not actually perceiving a fractal. Instead, it’s an activity in the same portion of the brain stimulated when viewing a fractal. One may incorrectly think that composing a fantastically complex musical score when in fact they are experiencing the stimulation of the brain which they would react to such a score where it was heard.

“This is an important difference, and one which explains how many who use hallucinogens in a hope of stimulating creativity in fact fail to produce. They are not in fact necessarily more creative, despite being convinced otherwise. There is no fractal, no music, just a brain stimulated to react as if there were,” he concluded.

Jeff Wright, an integrative philosopher and multiperspectivalist, agreed with Moore saying it’s like synesthesia and reverberation in neural circuits. In his view, the repeating quality of a hallucinated fractal is a consequence of lowered synaptic resistance or more neurotransmitters like the signal from an assembly that should represent one iteration of a pattern that is insufficiently damped, incorrectly repeated and projected into the visual cortex.

Meanwhile, there’s a thing called sacred geometry which represents the inner human focus that needs to be held onto during a lifetime on Earth. It plays an important role in everyday life such as mathematics and engineering. Universal patterns are used in the entire design of reality and harmonics and proportion. They are also found in music, light and cosmology.

Sacred geometry is a reminder of the deep interconnection between everything in the universe and beyond and that everything comes from and returns to the same source. Engaging with sacred geometry allows the exploitation of spirit and deepening connection with one’s self.

7. Places

There are several accounts of people seeing new places or revisiting familiar and old places in their lives after consuming DMT. Usually, the place is significant to the one who consumed the substance

For instance, some of them found themselves in their old home or somewhere familiar where they completely feel safe. They were filled with joy, love and peace.

Meanwhile, others saw themselves in an uncomfortable situation and it was terrifying and traumatic. These scenarios could differ between participants. According to others, they saw themselves in an unfamiliar zone or place they never thought existed and it was surprising and amusing.

Some said they couldn’t explain how they travel to the beautiful place they saw on their mind. A few said they flew while others said they left their bodies and drifted away.

“With some meditation I could drift myself away into new places far from my body,” Anthony Castellanos, who believes himself to be one of the most experienced users of DMT, told Business Insider(3)https://www.businessinsider.com/the-research-on-the-hallucinogenic-drug-dmt-2018-3. “I had a portal inside me that my soul could walk through that would take me into the realm of love and beauty and God. And I’m not even religious.”

8. Other beings

Aside from seeing plants, animals, and fractal patterns, many said they also saw stuff like robots, spaceships, machine elves and other mechanical items or machines. Robots and machines are often described as automatons and they appear in the role of a special type of healing or diagnostic process. It captures the impersonal and benign nature of curiosities.

“it’s not a being as such, it’s a device, a tool, a probe of some kind used for making energy adjustments to the forms. It appears insect-like because it is so complicated a device that the technology appears organic, but it is impersonal because it has no innate intelligent consciousness,” wrote.

The coding of robots and machine elves often overlapped with the code insect. The non-human entities were often found to express human emotions of love and concern for human welfare.

Some said they see mechanical robotic beings with large metal heads like spinach cans and they couldn’t understand why they were seeing those beings.


When humans consume compounds like DMT substances, they might cause psychedelic experiences and alter one’s consciousness. DMT is considered psychedelic drugs that cause hallucinations. When one sees DMT entities the encounter can be life-changing. For those who can’t understand the visions they see, shamans might be able to explain.

The truth is, every human being might react differently to each entity they encounter. For instance, there are several reports about demon encounters with some saying they beat it and others being traumatized that they didn’t want to take another aya trip again.

Despite the terrifying stories some shared, taking ayahuasca and encountering DMT entities are worth it. For those who are desperate for change or healing benefits, I highly suggest that you try it! For more information, check out ayahuasca homepage


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