Ayahuasca and My Surrender

The medicine showed me to stay on this path of healing and devotion first and foremost to maintaining the sacredness of Yage as rooted in all I do.

It showed me my souls purpose as as a healer and tested me to surrender completely to its wisdom.  And to base every thing I do on what God reveals to me which the medicine will keep me clear with understanding and strong with ability to carry things through.

It helped reveal my gifts as a healer and  connected me to my spirit guides and God and my tribe and God channeled through me to do radical healing of wounded lwhile on the medicine and showed me how to begin to strengthen my ability to heal the wounded daily which is my work which is a healer of wounded and that is worship.  Work is worship.

The medicine showed me I have to help the earth and all things and with my devotion to same I will be taken care of.  And showed me God is me and you and in all things and needs help keeping bad spirits from gaining power and that I have to work hard too in this area to help.  And again to completely surrender and have blond faith in this path.

It showed me who were my teachers and healers and that now I have to heal them and teach them and that my tribe is becoming revealed and I will lead it.  And asked me to see how it is already happening.

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It showed me to take the medicine often and to look for clues when that should be and also that in many instances it will be sudden or commanded by God without planning.

The medicine showed me to obey God and how when I do all is flowing perfectly and that I can ask for things but will only receive what God wants me too and that soon I won’t need to ask I will just know.  God asked me to drink three times last night and to light up my vibration and pray and send healing energy to the earth and to create a place to attract people who need healing and also those who heal.

The medicine showed me I am to gain a little weight abs nourish myself strongly with warm foods often and that after the next time I take the medicine I will go on a complete fast for however long God wants me to because this fast is a necessary step in harnessing my powers.

I learned I don’t have to be secretive about anything I do because God does not want me to and that I will only know good spirits.

I learned I cannot plan to practice worship in an ascetic manner because God makes the plan but also to prepare for the possibility of being called to do this.

The medicine showed me to reach back out to you today to see if and when I might receive more so I have it available for a good while.  It lead me to ask for your help.

Cassie A. – Florida, USA

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