The Ayahuasca Diaries part 2

Second Journey – 30mls May 21st 2K15

I poured 30mls into the small measuring glass. I smelt it. Again, that odd familiarity returned.

Where had I encountered this medicine before? It was a pleasant taste. Those small orange fruits sprang forth into my mind.

I decided I was going to take a bath. I ran the warm water and poured in some magnesium salts and lavender oil.

The voice on the spirit winds whispered to me – it was time to get out of the bath. The salts too strong for the journey.

I dressed for the night and went to bed in darkness. A pain had returned to the side of my left breast – one of the areas that had concerned me for many years.

After a while the healer was there, but this time he brought with him someone else. The Great Earth Mother. I saw her face, a shape much like a hexagon. A warm wise old face. I saw her hexagon mouth open – she was talking to me, words that I wasn’t hearing with my ears. She had a gift for me – a gift to keep safe. A part of her to reside in me.

The journey this time was greatly different to my first. Many things happened which I have not written about here.

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I felt more as though this time I was part of a ceremony. Those songs, the music and the chanted words, much more prominent this time. Much louder and longer. The waves of coming and going much more defined.

I awoke to see myself surrounded by faces in a head dress which I feel has long past. They saw me at the moment I saw them – a surprise and a deepening to the ceremony. I was present in both the ancient past and the now. Those years being long gone centuries upon centuries ago.

The music continued, the sounds immersing me out of my room and into a place without time or physicality.

I saw again the tree. This time a spike was being driven into the tree – smoke being blown into the holes left behind.

I was allowed to look inside the tree – as though a large section had been removed, showing me into its deepest core.

I saw it – in there. I saw the place where the many mouthed tongue spoke its ancient whispers, sharing the knowledge for whomever came along to hear it. For the seekers, for the ancients. To keep safe its truths and secrets. If it didn’t talk, would anyone hear? Talk it must, even if no‐one cares to listen. It’s the only way to keep the knowledge alive – by giving the words life. Birthing them into the trees, for the wind to carry the whispers handed to it from the leaves. For the seekers to receive its messages through the medicine made from its bark. For the healers to keep the secrets alive.

My words would get out. My writings. My words for the readers of the world. They are important. I’m one of them in this part of the current world. The words will be heard. The global healing is coming.

Today my book is being sent to my editor.

Emma S. – Queensland, Australia

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