The First Private Session

I wanted to write this report in first case, to show my trust to these website and crew from soul-herbs and to give you newer people one possible insight.

Because in case of Healing with Ayahuasca or drinking something from somewhere else from somebody you didn’t know before, almost everyone would get more or less a little bit suspicious at the beginning.

Ayahuasca is in first line a medicine for me.. for my body, psychological mind, and the soul. Healing can occur here from its root and not scratching on the surface like most of western medicine.

The was my first time where my setting was private…before that, I was taking it in groups, and had the chance to make my first experiences with Ayahuasca before… which most of them were very nice, but had also some intense ones…so I wanted to try it at home, with my own energy and for myself..i followed some traditions, burned tobacco and distributed the smoke in the room and over myself. Candles on, lights off. Taking it like its written here on the site.

In last times, increasing with Aya Sessions, I became more and more vegetarian, so i could do a good diet before. Also I did some Sports some hours before the ceremony, so it released my inner blockades a little more, and i get more balanced.

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After 1 Hour, and the first Shot, I gave me some booster, with something half of the first one, because there was first only a dizzy body feeling before the booster, but then, after the booster it took only half hour more, and it began to affect more intensely.

I got in a very nice and gently way some teachings, that everyone needs his time on his path, and even everyone is suffering on his way to himself, everyone should also enjoy this biggest present, life itself with every moment in it. Nobody should be forced from outside to go a path, where somebody thinks that its faster or better. Everyone has for its reason his/her own path, which is the own authentic path.

By the way… I had to go also 3 times on to the toilet, which was also a very good feeling ! 😉

In the future I will try it also in the European forest, while camping and some nice places. But for nowadays, it will be my private room, where a own energy will be created by the time! 🙂

I want to thank to the people from soul-herbs of Peru, which give humans around the globe having so many individual problems, especially in that modern times, this wonderful holy medicine from the Amazonian tribes as a gift to all humankind.Best wishes and go on!

Murat Ö – Berlin, Germany

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