We proudly accept Bitcoins! Change the world by using Bitcoins!

Here is a quick overview on how to complete your order by paying in Bitcoins:

Step 1 – Get a wallet(optional)

We recommend Blockchain – Blockchain is the easiest and most convenient in use for a fast and easy bitcoin transaction. Creating a Web Wallet at a site like Blockchain is free and fast.

Step 2 – Get Bitcoins

The following website will give you an overview on where to buy Bitcoins in your country:

Top 2 recommeded websites to get bitcoins:


coinbase.com– If you’re in the USA or North America, this is the fastest, cheapest and easiest option

How To Buy Bitcoins In Your Country

Step 3 – Sending Bitcoins

Once you got bitcoins, you can place an order or contact us if you’re not sure what to do.