Ayahuasca Entities: 8 Different DMT Beings You Encounter During The Ceremony

Do you want to know what participants see or experience during the ayahuasca ceremony? Are you ready to learn about the different beings or entities they encounter under the influence of DMT? Joining ayahuasca ceremonies can be life-changing and what makes it very effective in tapping your core being is your encounter with various ayahuasca […]

What are the Ayahuasca Analog Plants? 10 Best Ayahuasca Analogues

Are you wondering what’s the best substitute for ayahuasca? Do you want to know if there are other plants that work like the ayahuasca brew? Many have traveled to South American countries to encounter Mother Aya. Others even joined the Santo Daime religion in the Brazilian Amazonian estate to experience ayahuasca before it became popular […]