The Collective Dimension Of The Ayahuasca Trance

Besides the physical therapeutic effects of Ayahuasca, this jungle potion holds the potential of ascending your consciousness to a higher level of awareness, into a greatly expanded state perception and understanding. From that high point, the collective dimension becomes an entity that devours and at the same time reinforces your individuality.

This collective dimension is the sphere where all that has been, is and will be in the form of human or just human imagination, can be found residing together. This includes all of our ancestors, heroes, saints, angels and even demons.

The collective unconscious is the realm of all that is related to human perception and thought. Ayahuasca opens the door to the world of the spirits of the plants and animals, towards such higher dimensions where things are almost indistinguishable and incomprehensible for an unprepared mind.

The Ayahuasca experience is a complex process and it extends in every direction. You can perceive it as a blessing or a curse, depending on your will. 

Be careful, under the circumstances, you may completely lose your will and your whole self in the ocean of the collective individualities and thought-forms.

The Dream-Like State, The Collective Unconscious

The Ayahuasca trance begins when you feel as if in-between dream and reality. It’s that state where all the nonsense thoughts agglomerate in your mind and lead you into a dream. The next moment you would think you just opened your eyes, but you didn’t.

When you are in this state, you can’t distinguish if you’re awake or dreaming and nothing makes sense anymore. Everything is pure chaos.

You may find yourself on that annoying loop when you think you woke up from a dream but you’re somewhere else than you should be, so you realize it’s still a dream. 

While in trance, you will pass randomly throughout your life. And from time to time, all sorts of characters will intervene, from stories, movies, cartoons, games or whatever images you’ve stored in your memory throughout the years, consciously and unconsciously.

Throughout this dream-like period, everything unrolls so fast and with apparently no connection whatsoever, like a babbling of the mind, that it has no point to try to find any meaning or to try to follow a thought. 

All the information of the world is continuous motion in your mind, at great speed, changing their significance till every concept is emptied of meaning and nothing has any sense. It is like your brain is cleaning itself.

You will encounter archetypal energies during the first Ayahuasca trip. These are the manifestations of life as seen by many cultures throughout the world. The specific manner in which they are interpreted by your vision is your unique mark.

The ability to understand their meaning when they appear in your dream trance is something that Carl Jung suggested we should master to understand ourselves better. You will learn this through experience and not reading.

The spirit of the Ayahuasca, for example, is personified by a huge anaconda snake that tends to eat your whole being. But while feeding on yourself, it is cleaning the interiors of your mind, body, and heart. You will also see an owl, a jaguar and other creatures in your journey. 

All of them are coming to heal and enlighten you. You cannot fully understand this by just reading about it, but you can discern it once you experience it.

A Dimension Of Shared Information

The Ayahuasca brew puts you in a state of consciousness where you are open to perceiving new dimensions. It’s like you are opening a door for new information to come inside your body, mind, and sphere of emotions.

This is the state where all the parts that make up your being are put in your full view and awareness. The chemistry of ayahuasca interacts with the chemistry of your brain in such a way that all rational structures are dissolved. At this moment you become susceptible to everything. Anything you see or feel during trance can easily penetrate your consciousness.

This is the dimension of collective consciousness, where the time and space frames become an indiscernible continuum. In this dimension, you involuntarily identify with everything that pops up in your mind.

You can ask whatever essential question you have about your life. Take advantage of it by asking the tormenting inquiries you long to find answers.
Ayahuasca will acknowledge and respond. In this phase, you have access to unlimited knowledge. You only need an open eye and a trained mind to get the deeper truths of the universe.

Being One With All, Identifying With Each And Every Form Of Life

The border between what you call reality and the dream-reality is only there because of your limited perception.

When you drink ayahuasca, your senses are heightened to degrees that you would consider supernatural. When in trance, you will feel like a superhuman. You become synesthetic – you taste colors and feel the vibration of fragrances.

As your senses are way more receptive, you will feel the other’s field with a much higher intensity. You will hear everybody else’s thoughts very loudly. You will feel the ground beneath your feet as if it was yourself, you will feel your neighbor’s pain as if it was stabbing you, and you will feel the curandero’s peace as if it were your own. You’ll end up more relaxed, more confident and more sure of yourself.

For starters, it can be very disorienting to guide yourself in the collective dimension. But over time, it gets more natural to lose yourself when in trance.

The Door To The Over And Underworld Of The Spirits

One must always remember that the complexity of the ayahuasca experience goes beyond good and bad. Ecstasy and torment are feelings that can be associated with it.

This means that you may encounter angels who will offer you love, peace and joy. But in the same way, you may also encounter the darkest demons accompanied by terrifying thoughts.

The state of pure bliss can easily be replaced with misery in seconds where you feel trapped in anger, frustrations, fear and anxiety. This is the duality of love and fear governing the collective dimension of consciousness and you must be careful because once you’ve opened the door, you have invited, both entities who feed on love and fear.

Remember this, your perception affects your surroundings. It is your inner feelings that determine what you bring in the external world.

As such, if you look at yourself and your life with love and compassion, then angels and the various creatures of good will, will enter your sphere of awareness. However, if you emanate fear, then the dark entities will dominate your consciousness.

Always Remember The Mantra – Accept And Allow

If you explore your consciousness with ayahuasca, you have to be open to whatever information it brings, from the collective reservoir of knowledge. You can only escape a horrible experience if you let it be.

When you feel trapped, you should say this mantra: ‘I accept the vision as dark as it may be and I allow it to enter and to exit my interior space’.

By giving up and letting down your defense mechanism, you allow ayahuasca to work and you keep yourself open to the precious collective input.

Only with this attitude will you be granted access to the realm of all potentialities. So, don’t be afraid to let down your defenses. By being vulnerable, you will discover your strength and find courage.

The Dimension Of Pure Potentiality

During the ayahuasca trance, you can reach a high state of vibration enabling you to perceive the dimension of pure potentiality, including the matrix of all born and unborn forms of life.

This layer is enveloping the collective dimension and it contains all information in a germinal state. From this realm, you can do something to get the results you want.

A novice can hardly understand such notions, but an experienced ayahuasca practitioner uses this state to perform curing on himself and others. At this stage of the ayahuasca trip, your mind is in its optimal clarity and your vision transcends space and time. You have the capacity to see sick organs or broken bones and fix them by concentrating the healing beam of light on the affected area.

This might sound odd or unbelievable, but this is how things work with ayahuasca. This powerful herb offers its believers the power of healing and you will only learn it by connecting to the collective dimension of your existence.

A Collective Dimension Of Love

What is ultimately revealing in the ayahuasca experience, is that all this collective entanglement is bonded by love. The ultimate teaching that you must acquire is to surrender yourself to love and compassion. Otherwise, you will be incapable of deciphering anything and you will be devoured completely by fear.


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