Exploring The Ayahuasca Realm: 6 Ways It Connects With The Spiritual World

The spiritual realm isn’t something for only theologians, priests, prophets, and shamans to explore. Normal people like you and I can explore this realm to uncover some hidden truths about ourselves and the world we live in.

Thankfully, the psychedelic brew ‘ayahuasca’ can facilitate a deep connection with the spirits. The name actually translates to “vine of the dead, soul, spirits, or ancestors,” which explains why many people turn to it for conscience awareness and ethical awakening.

By firing up neurons in your brain, cleansing your body, and showing you your place in the universe, spiritual enlightenment is just a few steps away.

How does this work and what does it feel like? Let’s answer those questions and more today.

Introduction to Ayahuasca: What Exactly Is It?

Straight from the vines of sacred Amazonian plants, shamans brew ayahuasca for religious rituals that aim to establish a connection between the living and the dead.

Peru, Brazil, and other South American countries are welcoming curious tourists from all areas of the planet for this very reason.

The compound DMT, which closely resembles serotonin(1)https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6088236/, makes this brew “entheogenic” (i.e., useful in sacred settings for spiritual development). This neurotransmitter sends messages throughout the body, influencing your sexual desire, mood, and sleep, among others.

DMT itself is short-lived (commonly 10-12 minutes, with a maximum lifespan of 45 minutes). However, when combined with an MOA inhibitor to make an ayahuasca brew, the effects can last up to 6 hours. Intense, illuminating, and exotic.

Feedback from people who’ve used this potent potion includes visual hallucinations and near-death experiences (which feel like they’re entering another realm while leaving their bodies behind).

Well, speculations have it that the brain produces this molecule when we’re about to die(2)https://www.healthline.com/health/pineal-gland-dmt; this may clarify why ayahuasca retreats feel ethereal and extraterrestrial.

If you’ve tried edibles, LSD, or shrooms before, you might have had a token of this experience but DMT (or more specifically, ayahuasca) enhances the intensity. It shoots you through this reality and takes you to the other side.

Exploring The Spiritual World With Ayahuasca

Aside from its recreational and experimental uses, ayahuasca (otherwise known as yage, yaje, or caapi) has been a go-to for personal development and spiritual enlightenment, for centuries.

By connecting you with the spiritual world, this powerful drink takes you on a character-building journey that can replenish your soul.

From transcendent purification and emotional clarity to a deeper appreciation for life, ayahuasca is an unsung gift to humanity that has been around for over 1,000 years(3)https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/ancient-hallucinogens-oldest-ayahuasca-found-shaman-pouch. (Some even claim it’s more like 60,000 years but there’s no evidence to support this.)

Now, drinking ayahuasca and smoking or vaping DMT are, in fact, very different. It’s a distinct journey that allows you to integrate and interrelate with some of the strangest landscapes.

In some, you might find yourself interacting with entities who seem to be extremely intelligent – some call them divine, others say they’re extraterrestrial.

We can’t say for sure whether they’re spiritual or extraterrestrial, as ayahuasca has limited research and is a very personal adventure. The therapeutic experience and after-effects are what matter to us.

1. Spiritual Rituals

In the spiritual thinking of South American tribes, they believe ayahuasca is a preview of what happens when we die and what we should do to ensure an amazing afterlife.

The Takano people, for example, give a teaspoonful of this visionary brew to newborn babies to welcome them to this reality and open them up for a greater one.

This tribe believes there is a secret realm around us and we’re naturally unaware of it because of our limited wiring. They believe everyone should be aware of this realm, so they administer the drink to both the young and old.
Other tribes use it for rites of passage to transform boys into men.

While we don’t recommend or dismiss giving this to your youngsters, it just goes to show how deep the belief goes. And it’s more than just a belief; an ayahuasca trip can truly open your eyes to new spaces beyond this reality.

Furthermore, the Takano shamans don’t just see visions when they take a trip; they also paint these abstract images to depict what they saw and what it meant. What’s mind-blowing about this practice is that it matches perfectly with other tribes that are scientifically proven to have never been in contact.

So, since the days of old, many tribes have been using this all-powerful brew to journey through the afterlife realm. Some tribes have dedicated architecture and even more specific ideas (with the soul ascending to the constellation of Orion and accounting for the days spent on earth). However, we won’t go into that in this article.

This piece focuses on a system that’s designed to thoroughly clean up the body and set you up for inner truths. But don’t be like those people who think a drink will fix their problems; no, ayahuasca is more of an eye-opener than instant magic.

2. Spiritual Cleansing

Now, if you put your soul under a spiritual scanner, you’ll find that there are many parasites present. Some of these are not completely hazardous, but most are of utter danger.

As the number of these parasites and toxins increases, your spiritual well-being weakens and you become less and less of your ideal. Ayahuasca causes many users to vomit and purge these pollutants, but most of the work is in your hands.

This hallucinogenic substance can show you different things but you still need to make a conscious effort to develop yourself spiritually.

It’s an ancient understanding that if people don’t destroy this toxic ecosystem (and do it periodically), they’d slowly get sick or dull and die early. Along with that, there is also a cleansing of the emotional and psychological backlog that is building up within every human being.

So, to attain awakening or enlightenment, you need to let ayahuasca purge your system and increase your level of consciousness.

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3. Spiritual Visions

People leverage this hallucinogenic way of accessing certain dimensions, which may seem occult in nature but it all aids the process.

You’ll see shamans beating drums, descanting chants, and doing all sorts of ritualistic activities before, during, and after an ayahuasca session.

This is why in South America (and other parts of the world), they use different kinds of aids to make themselves available to particular possibilities.

LSD, DMT, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, mescaline, and edible cannabis can all offer temporary access to this process of cleansing and awakening.

To reiterate, what sets ayahuasca apart is its distinguished potency. The visions might be temporary but they give everlasting wisdom that sets you on a path of metaphysical awakening.

You have to tweak all your dimensions, which is a huge purging on all levels. But don’t mistake this for heightened consciousness.

Yes, it gives you a certain relief and takes you to unimaginable places. But it’s nothing more than a shortcut that leads to a very long drawn-out process of endless cleansing and getting your parasites out.

It teaches you how not to mess with your mind as you go through various levels of hallucinations. Some people have pleasant experiences; others, not so much!

4. Spiritual Truths

This transcendent journey can even separate you from your memory, so you become detached and experience unfiltered, universal truths. We do this with an intensity of emotion and energy, all thanks to the DMT-powered drink.

It’s a potent substance that accelerates what needs to happen from the inside. And once the psychedelic hits, you’ll question everything. Your existence, purpose, place in the universe, everything! You’ll examine the rules of life and discover if you’re following or breaking any.

This is when you realize just how wrong you’ve been at a lot of things. And the worst part is, these lies and self-deception are taking away from your aura and spiritual energy. They’re preventing you from being your best self and achieving the enlightenment your soul desires.

Ayahuasca will alter your perception and make you question the four dimensions of spacetime. You’ll find out how impermanent and ungraspable everything is, which can be the harshest truth of life.

This is true awakening; knowing how much lies the world and your ego have been telling you. Many users vomit at this point, purging out all these negative attachments while realizing a universal truth.

Sheer positivity is a consequence of this internal and external purge. You start to take things less seriously and be more appreciative of this wonderful gift called life.

5. Spiritual Conscience

Now, after showing you all the lies the world has been telling you, ayahuasca is known to further increase your level of consciousness and awaken you to new codes of ethics.

Bad karma springs from all you’ve done in the past – lies, cheating, and all the shenanigans of bad ethics. All these can lead to shame, guilt, fear, and a host of negative emotions, and they are often clear to you even without the brew.

What the drink does is, it makes you more aware of these clear emotions and then opens you up to repressed ones. This is called ethical awakening, and it’s the first step to being a wiser and happier person.

Healing starts as the brew teaches you how to forgive yourself and move forward with more selfless deeds. Yes, ayahuasca can upgrade your mind and make you avoid taking morally questionable actions.

Shamans are trained to make you feel safe as you go through all the bad you’ve done and how they may have affected your current state of mind. Watch as the brew extracts all these toxins from your system, but remember that the ceremony may be outright haunting, scary, and devastating.

Not to worry; you’ll come out better than you’ve ever been, with fresh insights and wisdom into your conscience and ethics. Your spouse, family, friends, colleagues, etc., will be able to tell that there’s a difference in how you approach the world.

6. Spiritual Dimensions

Ayahuasca is what we call a visionary psychedelic; you’ll see things you can’t see otherwise. Geometric shapes, kaleidoscopic patterns, recurring entities, and lots of unexplainable visions that make you wonder if there are higher dimensions.

Well, in fact, there are 10, 11, or 21 dimensions according to string theory(4)https://study.com/academy/lesson/string-theory-overview-dimensions.html.
But with ayahuasca, we’re talking about spiritual dimensions that unlock new wisdom into your being.

It’s common for users to change their minds regarding life after death, reincarnation, astral projection, and other spiritual concepts. Now, in addition to the physical dimension, spiritual thinking suggests that there are many more dimensions including the dream and death dimensions.

This way of thinking suggests you’re nothing but an energetic field that is conscious of itself. And with the right psychedelics, you can expand this field to include other domains of reality. Ayahuasca propels you into a field where neither space nor time exists; only spiritual energy.

Once you submit to the medicinal brew, you’ll have higher-dimension experiences that enrich your wisdom and rid your soul of doubt.

Later on, these astral worlds can be accessed even without ayahuasca, as long as you don’t go back to a life of toxicity and negativity. Yes, ayahuasca activates your pineal gland for further exploration of the spiritual world.

How To Experience Spiritual Awakening With Ayahuasca

One thing that often blocks our spiritual development is our ego: the illusion of control and our construed sense of self-identity. Ayahuasca works wonders when it comes to letting go of this delusional control, so we can surrender to the truth of the universe.

Users who drink this brew, thinking they can control it, often have the most distressing experience because of this conflict between their lies and the plant’s truths.

Ayahuasca works its magic when you learn to let go of your ego and enter the session with existential humility. This is when integration and healing begin.

What I like to call ‘spiritual empowerment’ follows once you surrender to this power. It’s bigger than you and I. It’s a form of psychological maturity that unlocks all sorts of unforeseeable benefits to your well-being.

This loss of control gives you more control over your spirituality, unleashing true happiness and bliss in your daily life. The wisdom and enlightenment that comes with it will make you a more well-rounded, fulfilled, selfless, and self-satisfied individual.

Self-love is eminent to living your best life, but we’re often trapped by the lies of the world and the opinions of others. A single ayahuasca retreat can teach you how to love, respect, and value yourself (in an egoless way).

Your mind, soul, and body start calling for more attention, which naturally leads to a better connection with yourself and others. Your self-esteem builds up quickly as you become more thorough and problem-solving with your past, present, and future.

You’ll reach your fullest potential as all forms of self-negativity come to a halt and you find more meaning and fulfillment in your doings.

Nonetheless, a word of caution – properly prepare for an Ayahuasca experience to avoid a session that’s detrimental to your spiritual health. Yes, I’ve read many stories of inexperienced people using the brew and damaging themselves beyond repair.

The right shaman knows to prepare you in terms of what to eat, how to set your intentions and further education into the nuts and bolts of the ceremony. This preparation could take weeks (or days at best) and often vary depending on where you are.

Be attentive and religiously involved. Make sure you’re comfortable with those you’re journeying with, as the opposite can make you paranoid and ruin the trip, without resulting in a spiritual awakening. You have to feel comfortable and be ready for whatever comes, no matter how disturbing. Remember that it’s all for the best.

Also, bear in mind that this isn’t an instant fix to all your problems. You can go for as many sessions as you want but your post-ayahuasca actions are what awakens you to a better, more spiritually fulfilling life.

Final Takeaway

So now we know ayahuasca can deepen your connection with the spiritual realm. We’ve looked at how it does this and what the Ayahuasca experience feels like.

The entheogenic drink speeds up your spiritual enlightening, as the vines push you to the other side of reality. It’s a refreshing escapade that helps you surrender to the universe by teaching you ultimate self-love and opening your mind to the idea of higher dimensions.

Aren’t you curious to experience this for yourself? Buy your ayahuasca kit today and let’s see how it goes.


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