11 Ways Iowaska Tea Will Change Your Life

What is Ayahuasca – “Iowaska”?

Ayahuasca, iowaska, ayawaska, and yage all means the same thing. It is a hallucinogenic brew that contains DMT that gives people enlightening experiences that changes lives for the better. People that have taken ayahuasca tea reported astonishing positive effects such as finding out their purposes in life, cured incurable sicknesses, and finding out the truth of the universe.

Some people considered this as a drug, but we consider this as a medicine to heal the soul. The effects of this miracle tea has benefits the lives of many.

One of the preparation of this plant medicine use banisteriopsis caapi and psychotria viridis. This is the traditional plant material used in ayahuasca ceremonies practiced by the Santo Daime.

Medicina is how people of South America tradition address Madre Ayahuasca. Medicine for the body, heart, and mind, through the workings of the spirit. This works by connecting you directly to the source to activate the healing process, from the core outwards. This ability to open the individual towards a dimension of shared space, with no boundary between interior and exterior is propelling love and understanding. 

What is Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca is known as “vine of the soul.” It is revered as a gate-opener towards a reality that supports many more dimensions, whereon this image is not a personal delirium but a shared knowledge of all that have explored the side effects of Ayahuasca extract. Among aficionados, it’s almost like finding the philosopher’s stone. What is usually said about this experience, is that, in a way or another, ayahuasca is the one calling you. You just have to be aware of the signs.

Why Do People Do Iowaska?| 11 Ways Iowaska Will Change Your Life:

1. Brings Balance / Restores The Energetic Flow

The process might turn out differently depending on how you manage the procedure. Some said that they had a smooth experience while others had a difficult one. Irrespective of the effort it takes, your perspective about life will influence your experience while in trance.

The healing process through ayahuasca ceremonies involves cleansing on all levels. Physically, through a purge, mentally through a self-analysis session and emotionally through reliving your past traumas. All of these aid to a conscious action of restructuring your life. It also helps you break unhealthy attachments like addictions. We all exhibit energetic blockages that manifest in aches, numbness, functionality issues and all sorts of other sensibilities.

These reflect in mental loops and you repeating the same mistakes. When you notice yourself experiencing these, your body is signaling that your vital flow of energy is obstructed in certain points. Each reflects a core issue, but whether you become conscious of the specific relations or not, the energy will be liberated to flow unimpeded. For the Chinese, this vital force is the personal chi, the essential element controlling the equilibrium of the entire being through the activity of the liver. For South Americans, the principle of chi translates in a similar understanding to one’s aura. Ayahuasca vine helps restore your energetic flow.

2. Revitalizing – Psychologically, Physically And Emotionally

After the iowaska tea trip, one receives an incredible boost of virility, feeling fresh, active, enthusiastic, and with an appetite for life. With this, you will find it easy to do anything, to spend much more effort with no complaint, and to thrive.

Everything seems more intensely colored, so it’s more inviting. On the psychological part, the plant medicine refreshes the mental atmosphere by removing the noise of your useless and annoying thoughts. It also reprograms unhealthy patterns. As a result, it leaves the brain in a state of clarity and awareness.

You will feel calm and relaxed but at the same time, you’ll be attentive and excited about virtually every little thing that comes into its space. Yet, the psychic mechanisms function with sword-like precision, attending priorities with acceptance and dedication. On the emotional side, you would feel like you are in love with life itself. You will feel a different sense of liberation that may last for weeks. This can be overwhelming in a way, but it’s still guided by compassion directed both inwards and outwards, which inevitably brings peace.

You will also notice a boost in your stamina and new heights of excitement. You will find yourself bolder and more eager to experiment with life.

3. Cleansing – Psychologically, Physically And Emotionally

For the Amazonians, the most important part of the therapy is the purge and diarrhea. Iowaska re-activates your liver and gathers all toxic remains from the most hidden corners of your body to eliminate them.

For westerners, vomiting is almost a taboo that must be surpassed. In contrast, for South American natives, this is a necessity for the ritual. It is a routine they practice when they want to clear toxic substances from the body, blow away negative thoughts and release unwanted feelings. For this reason, the nausea, then purge and diarrhea during iowaska therapy is of common occurance. This manifests through vomiting, crying, perspiration, spitting or clearing your sinuses.

Behind the physical course of events is an interior process that recalibrates your being. Your mental anguish and anxiety will also be expelled through purging by crying out your emotions. As a result, you will feel renewed on all levels of your existence – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. You will be untainted, bolder, more open to new opportunities, and seek growth.

4. Healing Trauma, Depression / Relieving Anxiety

Ayahuasca is a medicine that heals the mind and body. When you drink ayahuasca, your past emotions will come up. Your hidden traumatic emotions will surface, and you get to face it. You’ll bravely deal with it head on, and resolve it. As your emotional burden lessens, so does your karma.

There is no other way as this is the fastest way to healing. The Ayahuasca therapy stirs all the interiors of your being to realign yourself. It brings back your childhood traumas and long forgotten and painful events.

It also exposes the sickening patterns in your current life that keep you on a continuous tormenting loop. Usually, we tend to keep these emotional side of us out of sight leaving it neglected. However, these emotions will find their ways to manifest in our lives, and we eventually have to face them. Ayahuasca helps us face our anguish with amazing ease and tenderness. It also helps with post-traumatic stress disorder.

With the help of the plant spirit, you can examine your traumas with love and compassion towards yourself and those involved in your issues. By accepting what already happened and forgiving those who hurt you, you open the door towards healing. With this, you inevitably let go of blame, hatred, pain and frustration and regain your connection with society. You will get over your social anxiety and start to feel comfortable with others’ company. The more you work with iowaska, the more these symptoms will relieve itself.

5. Aiding In Addiction

Iowaksa tea also helps treat addiction and exposes the ill patterns through which we perceive reality. During the therapy, it becomes clear what we truly need in our lives and what is there to replace the void we feel inside us.

It also targets the root cause of our problems to free us from the network of dependency that we’ve woven around our lives. By breaking the chain you create a statement of independence. The journey is difficult, but don’t worry because you have all the help you can get. There has been many research on iowaska and addiction by scientists. Those researches prove iowaska plant substance can be used to treat addictions.  

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6. Curing Severe Physical Conditions

Iowaska is praised in the west for its ability to heal one’s mind through the introspective psycho-analysis that it generates during the trance.

The natives also know that the iowaska medicina works with your body in the same manner. People have turned to this Amazonian brew for healing severe illnesses as well as for relief for terminal diseases. In fact, in the aborigine culture, the illness itself is a method of curing the soul.

Once you’ve engaged in a sincere process of understanding and accepting yourself, something within you will be rewired and you will be healed physically. That is why people turn to ayahuasca as treatment when conventional remedies no longer work for them.

7. Centers And Fills You With An Amazing Feeling Of Unity

During the iowaska trip, you will experience a certain level of calmness within you. This is because, during trance, you will be subjected to a complex dimension where you will feel a sense of unity between specific living things, human beings, nature and any combination of perceivable external systems and concepts.

At the highest level, you will feel as if your identity is simultaneously attributed to the entirety of your external environment. Ayahuasca breaks down the personal barriers and enables you to connect with everything around you; the freedom, and feeling of unity.

The perspective of oneness brings forward an expansive understanding of who you are and why you are here. The feeling is commonly interpreted by many as “becoming one with the universe.” In this way, ayahuasca will reveal to you, the purpose of your existence.

8. State Of Harmony And Love Lasting Weeks After The Experience

The mechanism through which ayahuasca aids you in reassembling your being on a healthy structure is so powerful that you can feel its effects even weeks after your experiencea. The ayahuasca treatment works chemically by interacting with your brain.

It prompts the brain to increase your serotonin levels. High levels of serotonin can boost your mood, increase and improve your overall sense of well-being. As opposed to chemical substances that give a similar experience (either pharmaceutical products or illegal drugs) by pumping the brain with this particular compound, ayahuasca helps you develop a system that will enable you to sustain yourself even after your Ayahuasca experience.

This traditional brew offers you a life-changing journey. So, take advantage of it because if you long to change for the better and want it to last, this can help you attain that goal.

9. Transcending The Limits Of Perception

Ayahuasca will bring you into an experience with expanded consciousness where the mental scheme is surpassed and transcended toward a multi-dimensional collective realms.

In that trip, you will hallucinate and everything will feel more vivid than usual. You might see different entities of indefinable forms or supernatural beings. You have to take the things you will encounter during the trance symbolically because they will open the door towards infinite possibilities. Besides these mind-bending visions, Iowaska will give you the gift of clarity and of conscious awareness.

When in this standpoint, you will be able to observe the different dimensions of your body, mind, and heart without any attachments. That will be the starting point where you can explore the universe, from identifying the fragment of stardust to meeting dream-like creatures because at this state you will be transcending the limits of your perception.

10. Spiritual Advancement

Get a glimpse of enlightenment while breaking away from the matrix and get you you into the spirit world. You might have questions such as: Is this physical 3 dimension world all there is? What about the spiritual world? Is there God? What is your role here? I’m not saying you will get all the answers you’re seeking. However, you will have a better understanding of Reality and your relationship with it. The experiences will give you a better understanding of life and growth to a better human being. 

11. Finding Purpose

What is the thing you always wanted to do but is scared to? Iowaska is also known as The Little Death. It is named like this because when you take ayahuasca, your consciousness break away from your mind and body. As you break away from your mind and body, you’ll feel like you’re dying.

This little death experiences will remind you to go after your purpose. You purpose will become clearer because this is what you always want to do. During the different stages of the ceremony, you get to consult with mother ayahuasca. Ask her questions. You may not get the you seek, but she will give you the answers you need. 

What Else You Should Know?

If you’re looking for the traditional and legit ayahuasca ceremonies, you should head to South America countries such as Peruvian Amazon, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, or nearby region. They’ll be able to serve you the treatment of this plant medicine. In the end, you’ll still need to do the work after iowaska ceremony. It’s also good to find or form a community with the participants you meet during the iowaska retreat. Everyone there will undergo the same iowaska rituals. 


Iowaska is not a drug and should not be taken for recreational purposes. You as one of the participants have to be conscious and responsible if you are planning to try this. You should do your research on which ayahuasca retreat is right for you. Talk to the owner or coordinators of the ayahuasca retreat, and see if you’re able to trust them as healers. You’ll be at your most vulnerable state, so you have to filter out the good from the bad. There are hundreds of ayahuasca retreats in Peru alone. 

To have the best experience, you should avoid red meat and sex especially. 

Can you Die from Iowaska?

The deaths are from external forces rather than iowaska it self. For example, there has been accidents because of shamans fault. You have to check your blood pressure and heart rate prior to taking it because iowaska tea causes physical stress. Mao inhibitors such as anti depressant should not be taken together with iowaska. The side effects of this plant medicine can also cause psychotic mental issues such as depersonalization, psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations and etc.

This is why you should always take minimum dose as your first time, and work your way up. The heroic dosage would not necessarily give you the most benefits; the right dosage can give you the most healing power. This is way choosing your healer is critical. 

It is also recommended that you only do this with the assistance of a shaman, a therapist or at least an experienced aficionado for your ayahuasca retreat. You’ll see geometric patterns and colors as you go through the tunnel. You’ll experience fear as you lose your ego. Your ‘ego’ will die from iowaska, but your physical body will not. You’ll also meet kind spirits, evil spirits, and spirit teachers. 

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