Iowaska Tea

Iowaska, ayahuasca, ayawaska, yage all means the same thing. It is a hallucinogenic brew that contains DMT that gives people enlightening experiences that changes lives for the better.

People that have taken iowaska tea reported astonishing positive effect such as finding out their purposes in life, cured incurable sicknesses, and finding out the truth of the universe. Some people considered this as a drug, but we consider this as a medicine to heal the soul. The effects of this miracle tea has better the lives of many.

Is it right for you?

Below are 3 reasons you should not drink the brew:

  1. Use it as a party drug – Iowaska is a powerful hallucinogen, you must use it at the correct set and setting or you can do damage.
  2. Mental and physical health problems – Taking Iowaska requires a person full mental and physical function. Avoid taking it while on drugs and medication
  3. Use it for bad intentions – Iowaska tea will bring you to another place and dimension to seek answer and see the truth. Some evil shamans in the past has used iowaska for wicked intentions. So only use it if you agree not to use it to hurt yourself or others.

If you follow the above 3 basic guidelines, then check out below for more information:Iowaska brew

Buy Iowaska Tea – Already brew Iowaska tea

Buy Iowaska Kit – Iowaska materials to brew the tea

What is Iowaska?

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