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We don’t ask for testimonials and people rarely come back to product page to give feedbacks. So we just take screenshots and post it here. We get good reviews on a daily basis, here are some, click to enlarge:

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John: “I feel quite happy after taking Ayahuasca, The Universe God is speaking guide us, we reconnected, ran the search I found not outside but inside me, I was there and I did not always account. Thanks to the energy of the universe I became her. Son connect with invaluable magical moments we experience ourselves. Taking Ayahuasca shows that all experiences have been important to your growth as a person, and tells you what is your way to go I had no clear that before, now I have it and I was very present. and experience enriching personal transformation and I marvel at the greatness of God, intense love has all its sons. Thanks energy God to the universe, thanks to Jose luis ayahusca grace by his deep love.”

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Sara: “I want to first thank my teacher Jose Luis for providing us with such affection, love and patience the honor of participating in ceremonies with Ayahuasca, for helping me to integrate with my be unique and individual, so I could accept me as I am, finding the peace in myself and in my surroundings, learn to accept. Thanks brother, Jose Luis for supporting teacher unconditionally and thanks to the Universe, for showing me the way and raise awareness about the reality in which we find ourselves where we should aim”

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