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Soul-Herbs.com was created in 2013. Our mission is to spread ayahuasca to those who has the calling for it.

We use to ship resin ayahuasca tea out of Lima and Iquitos, Peru. Shipping non liquid resin is much easier, more potency and higher delivery rate. Soulherbs.com mission still stay the same. To provide mind and body healing medicine in terms of ayahuasca for those who choose to explore their own consciousness/awareness. Last updated Oct 20, 2020.


Carretera Central Kilometro 28
Pasando El Puente De Los Angeles
Iquitos, Peru

Cellar: +51 997 946 733

We are recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru and Ayahuasca healers and our mission is to awaken with Ayahuasca and release of suffering humanity. Our mission is to support and sustain the global consciousness shift to ease the transition to the new era in 2013, re-connected with the energy of the universe, peace love harmony and happiness Union.

In ancient civilizations disease was seen as an indication that something was wrong with the soul and that fitness was a symptom of contention and proof of the disconnect between the body, mind and spirit with the universe. Good health is produced when the visible body and the invisible soul operating in harmony with the mind. Healing Shamanic Healing therefore recognizes that to heal a person is necessary to begin healing from spiritual or mental and then get to the physical part of the disease.

Finally, as a shaman healer, we know that there are parts of the reality of their illness and which are internal, however, affect and regulate external perceptions, knowing that we can come right through the ayahuasca to the depths of his subconscious with accurate knowledge, and modify that inner reality to manifest after an external reality and produce changes in it. This allows us healers to have to harmonize their environment and, in the case of illness, to restore the sick person the balance with the world around him. We closed the gate of the river of the negatives that is affecting you and then work with the physical part medicinal plants.

We shamanic therapists do not claim in any way qualified medical pass. We see shamans primarily as “soul therapists” because our view of the problems is holistic and seeks harmony. In fact, there are doctors in Peru and Europe that are very skilled shamanism whose knowledge complements their work.

Overall, our goal as a shamanic therapist is to help the patient to find out if their ill health is a result of his subconscious world and its way of life. The improvement in the physical condition usually happens after working on the inside.

It is also recognized that health problems affect not only the physical body. We shamans healers know that the human being consists of various “bodies”-or vehicles through which they act as “identities” – and that each one affects the physical body or is affected by it. We do not cater to illness, we try and heal a sick person.

Therefore, from the view point of the shamans, only two root causes of any illness:

1. Something is inside the person should not be there, lost energy that does not belong. This is called the intruder and is removed by a process called extraction. The most common cause of the intrusion is physical vulnerability caused by fear, anxiety and stress. Usually due to a lifestyle that weakens immune system-wide energy.

2. Something like the balance should be in harmony but it is not. This is called abstraction, and remedied by a process called recovery reconnection. Abstraction is the result of energy wastage and loss of vital power. Should recover for the person back into balance and thus regain their health. Read more ayahuasca experiences here.

Our Objective

Our objectives of this healing art as a healer is to heal his illness. But healing is more than physical health back. It is ‘entirely redone.’ “So, we as healers first and foremost we are people who” entirely remake “or, put another way,” harmonize “the human being from the physical and non-physical.

English Translation:


That by application s / n March 29 of the year 2011, Mr. Donaldo Antonio Roque Cumapa, request recognition for his career in the traditional use of natural medicine Ayahuasca;

That Article 4 of the Rules of Organization and Functions of National Cultural Institute, approved by Supreme Decree 017-2003-ED, published on May 22, 2003, points out that the purpose of the INC is to assert national identity, based on the notion of cultural diversity through decentralized ejection research actions, protections, preservation, enhancement, promotion and diffusion of the cultural patrimony of the Nation and the promotion of cultural development, to contribute to national development, with active participation lose the community and public and private sectors;

That by National Directorial Resolution N 836/INC of June 24, 2008 Pleads Cultural Heritage of the Nation to knowledge and traditional uses of Ayahuasca practiced by Amazonian native communities, as a guarantee of cultural continuity;

That by Law No. 29565 was created the MINISTRY of culture as organism of the Executive;

That, by Supreme Decree 001-2010-MC posted on the 25th of September, 2010, the merger was approved, among others, the National Cultural Institute of the Ministry of Culture;

In accordance with the provisions of Supreme Decree 017-2003-ED-Rules of Organization and Functions of the National Institute of Culture, and note Law 29565, Law of creation of the Ministry of Culture, and Supreme Decree 001 -2010-MC;


Article 1. – Recognize and Congratulate Mr. Donaldo Antionio Roque Cumapa for his career in the traditional use of natural medicine Ayahuasca.

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