Ayahuasca Kit | Prepare in 10 Minutes |B. Caapi Resin & Chacruna Mix


We will mail you the ayahuasca extract brew Chacruna resin (Psychotria viridis) and Banisteriopsis Caapi resin paste. This kit doesn’t need to brew for 8+ hours like other kits. So all you need to do is boil water and mix it with together, similar to making instant coffee. And it’ll be ready!

No need to search further, this is one of its kind. Perfected to bring you the smoothest experience.

Payment are accepted by Bitcoin and Credit/Debit Card by PayPal. After we receive your payment, it’ll take us 1-3 days to prepare for shipment. You can expect to receive your package anywhere from 5 – 15 7-28 days depending on the distance you are from us.
Cannot ship this kit to USA. Click here for raw plant self brewing kit if ordering to USA

The solid resin should be keep in a cool and dark place and should last for up to a year. Also, all our packaging is completely discreet. Currency is in US dollars.

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