Ayahuasca Kit – 10 Minute Preparation

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We will mail you the 12 transcendent doses of ayahuasca brew of Mimosa resin and Harmala Extract + Cappi Resin to any country in the world. We have tested numerous ingredients mixtures on ourselves and participants in ceremonies we hold. This Mimosa resin and Harmala Extract + Cappi Resin mixture produces the most intense and smooth trip.

This 10 minute kit is a high end expensive mix, click here to order a self brewing kit for cheaper price.

This kit doesn’t need to brew for 8+ hours like other kits. So all you need to do is boil water and mix it with together, similar to brewing coffee. And it’ll be ready!

No need to search further, this is one of its kind.

Payment are accepted by Bitcoins or Western Union. After we receive your payment, it’ll take us 1-2 days to prepare for shipment. You can expect to receive your package usually from 1-2 weeks depending on the distance you are from us.

The solid resin should be keep in the fridge and should last for a couple of years. Also, all our packaging is completely discreet. The weight of product might differ, but concentration is the same. Currency is in US dollars.

Our guarantees or reshipment until satisfactory:

  • Shipment Arrival – We use discrete packaging that will pass customs with no issue.
  • Ayahuasca Quality – This works 100% and very potent.

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Simple Guide to Drinking Ayahuasca Alone

Before we go into how to use it solo. I want to explain what is an ayahuasca trip and when a shaman/guide is necessary.

When you're in an ayahuasca trip, you become vulnerable. You travel to different dimensions/location. You cannot control the trip, no matter how hard you try. The more you try to control, the worse the trip is going to be. You simply let go, and let the experience take you. so what is the shaman for?

A shaman/guide is there to lead you through tough spots. A bad trip can happen anytime. But mostly during the comeups and the comedowns. The comeup is 45-180 minutes in and when you leave your ego and body. This might make you feel like you're dying. The comedown is when you are coming back to your mind and body. You might have a hard time adjusting to it. A guide is to help you get through those rough paths. The only time I highly recommend a shaman is if you taking a heroic dosage. This is when you take a high dosage and need a sitter for obvious safety concerns.

Can You Take Ayahuasca Solo?

Yes you can do ayahuasca alone, you don't need a shaman, 80% of the healing, the plants can do alone. But if you need the extra push, the security and the healing, real shamans are always a profound help.

Helpful Tips:

Understand set and setting- Set is your psychological state and your intention for the experience. Setting is your physical environment. For beginners, I recommend you do it at home where it's safe and quiet. You would want 6-8 hours of undisturbed time.

Test it out. I would personally recommend someone going the solo path to start small and slowly work your way up. For example, if the recommended dosage 40mL. You take 20mL to see if you're allergic, have any bad reactions, and if this is even for you. Even the most popular and "safe" retreat centers forget this part. and end up tragically.

After you get more experience. You will realise that deep journeys aren't always what's needed for change. And that lots of small doses between the large ones coupled with meditation will help you to understand what's really going on in these experiences and how they can serve you.

How to Brew?

3 Simple steps to brew.74039_448503898530394_625111243_n

To brew, you can brew it as if it is coffee:
1. you boil 500/290/165mL of water.
2. You put in the resin into cup.
3. you pour boiling water in cup with the resin in it.
4. Mix and stir until its completely dissolved.
5. Cool it down and its ready to drink.

-- Alternative Method --

For better storage, if you have a large amount, you can use the amount of resin and save the rest.


Store it in a tightly closed off bottle. The liquid’s shelf life is good for more than 1 year in the refrigerator. When you want to reuse. Lightly shake the liquid's container to mix up the tea. And it's ready to drink.

We proudly accept Bitcoins! Change the world by using Bitcoins!

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Are shipments trackable?

All packages are shipped with Serpost courier (Peru) which means the package is trackable. We can also ship DHL, please contact us if you wish to do so. The tracking is to make sure your orders are shipped quickly, securely, and won’t get lost or delivered to the wrong person. It can take up to 48 hours before tracking data becomes visible. You can track your number here: clientes.serpost.com.pe/prj_tracking/seguimientolinea.aspx.

We aim to pack and dispatch all products purchased within 1 working day provided they are in stock. If the products are out of stock we will provide notification and advise a date of delivery.

Discreet Shipping: All orders will be sent out in a neutral mail package, without any noticeable writings or pictures on the package. We don’t put anything else in the package that is related to us. Even no bill. The order confirmation sent by e-mail is your receipt. All our packaging is completely discreet.  The outside of the package simply has your address. Of course we will not use soul-herbs as sender’s name. Order now

Top Notch Price and Value

A plane ticket alone will cost couple of hundred to thousand dollars by itself. In addition, most retreats centers cost $1,700+ USD. So you're looking to spend 3,000$+ for a couple of days of retreat.

Our lowest kit cost only $197 FREE shipping and it comes in multiple dosages. That means you can use it several times. And even invite your friends if they are on the same spiritual path.

If you plan to buy the materials and brew it yourself, you would need countless hours researching on unreliable sources. If the material is bad, you could end up with a bad trip. This could damage your emotional and psychological health. This is very dangerous.

Our ayahuasca resin is prepared by a professional who's been brewing for thousands of hours.

If you plan on buying ayahuasca online, then this is the most reliable and trusted place. We take pride in our material to be the highest quality, our stock limited. Hurry up and buy now.

11 reviews for Ayahuasca Kit – 10 Minute Preparation

  1. Rated 5 out of 5



  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m still going for the bigger bottle as I like to take ayahuasca regularly. Excited to see smaller quantity available for the group that needs small quantities. Nice job and really appreciate your effort to help and Make it available to us. Thank you!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I would love to get some in the big bottle but you seem to be out. 🙁 If I purchased one of these kits could you scale dawn the recipe for the Angle amount?

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought the pre-made bottle and had an amazing educational experience. My girlfriend and I both loved it, we could tell this was high quality. I just don’t think the “trancendent trips number is accurate.” We polished off the entire $400 bottle that night!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    It is indeed one of the easiest kit on the market. I took the recommended 40mL and it blast me off. I think if you’re a beginner, you should take it easy by taking 25mL and dilute it with more water.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    used the kit, which was very simple and easy to prepare. started with 7mg of the Mimosa and 11mg of the Caapi, and without a purge until late in the experience, had an astonishing voyage, including complete dissolution of the body into cosmic totality, and a visual experience like no other entheogen i’ve tried. strongly recommend using this with humility, intention, and respect – this is potent medicine.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5



  8. Rated 4 out of 5


    a bit expensive, but great product

  9. Mark Remer

    I’d like to buy a kit for 4 people

  10. Jackie

    What’s the quantity for $197.00 how many drinks?

  11. Jackie

    Also, can I pay it with a credit card two payments or 3 if I buy the big bottle?

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