From my experience, drinking ayahuasca is like facing your worst demons in yourself. Again, taking ayahuasca is for spiritual healing and not for recreational use. This is a sacred plant that has been used for thousands of years by shamans, therefore, we should treat it with respect. Below are a couple of ayahuasca trip reports recorded by our brothers and sisters that used our tea.

Ayahuasca Experiences below:

Ayahuasca Diaries Part 1 – Emma S. – Queensland, Australia

There are things which become limited the moment you try to put them into words. The journey itself is personal. Spiritual and uplifting. I have not experienced anything as awakening as Ayahuasca, not even my own journeys into listening and learning from Spirit. Meditation comes close, but Ayahuasca is like an open doorway on the other side of meditation.

I’ve spent many years coming into my own awareness of spirituality. A few years ago I had a number of Psychic energetic healing sessions which radically changed my life – both in the way I see myself and in removing a lot of negative attachments that had been thwarting my attempts at personal and creative progress.

The most important thing a person must ask themselves is why do they want to take Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is not a drug. It is not to be taken for the thrill of getting high, of escaping to find oneself ‘on‐the‐nod’ because it doesn’t work like that. It is not recreational, it’s transformational. One has to be open to change to be able to transform. One has to let go, to be immersed and have things consumed in order to fully experience the sacredness of the real.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve heard the whispers on the spirit wind. I’ve spoken with the dead and listened to that voice – the guiding, intuitive supportive voice that comes and goes. It gets more quite the busier we make ourselves. The more we clutter our lives with inconsequential nothingness. The problem is our societies are filled with these nonsenses. We are the only ones who can decide what is important, and what is irrelevant…. Read more here

Ayahuasca Diaries Part 2 – Emma S. – Queensland, Australia

I poured 30mls into the small measuring glass. I smelt it. Again, that odd familiarity returned.

Where had I encountered this medicine before? It was a pleasant taste. Those small orange fruits sprang forth into my mind.

I decided I was going to take a bath. I ran the warm water and poured in some magnesium salts and lavender oil.

The voice on the spirit winds whispered to me – it was time to get out of the bath. The salts too strong for the journey.

I dressed for the night and went to bed in darkness. A pain had returned to the side of my left breast – one of the areas that had concerned me for many years.

After a while the healer was there, but this time he brought with him someone else. The Great Earth Mother. I saw her face, a shape much like a hexagon. A warm wise old face. I saw her hexagon mouth open – she was talking to me, words that I wasn’t hearing with my ears. She had a gift for me – a gift to keep safe. A part of her to reside in me.

The journey this time was greatly different to my first. Many things happened which I have not written about here.

I felt more as though this time I was part of a ceremony. Those songs, the music and the chanted words, much more prominent this time. Much louder and longer. The waves of coming and going much more defined.

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I awoke to see myself surrounded by faces in a head dress which I feel has long past. They saw me at the moment I saw them – a surprise and a deepening to the ceremony. I was present in both the ancient past and the now. Those years being long gone centuries upon centuries ago.

The music continued, the sounds immersing me out of my room and into a place without time or physicality. Read more here…

Ayahuasca Diaries Part 3 – Emma S. – Queensland, Australia

My third journey with Ayahuasca was vastly different to the first two.

After pouring the liquid into the small measuring glass, I took a sip. I could still taste the sweet fruitiness but this time it was edged with a not too unpleasant bitterness.

I drank the remainder of the glass and returned the bottle to the cupboard and went outside to blow some smoke.

While sitting on the step I heard a voice say ‐ this will be your last journey. What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear? I didn’t know how to answer. Was it dying in my home with my young son in the next room, to have him find me lifeless in the morning. Imagine the trauma inflicted upon him. How long would it be before someone discovered the tragedy. I have no fear of death, I added. Rather it is the fear for my son.

That was all I could answer. Fears are not a common thing for me. I don’t like spiders, but a fear suggests something more than eight legs.

Tonight you are going to go higher than anyone before. You will not die tonight. You are going to go high the voice said.

I went back inside and turned off the lights. I laid in bed under the warm covers. I waited.

Coming in from the distance I could hear the noise of chaos. It was somewhat organized, reminding me of some Tibetan ceremonies I recall only as faint memories. Perhaps something I’d watched on a documentary, or seen in a dream many years ago.

The chaos drew closer and soon filled my room. It had long arms. No head. There were no eyes except for the ones inside all things.

The room changed, filled with strands of a pattern. To me the pattern appeared disturbed, interrupted. Not a pure natural organic form. It was mimicking something.

Ahh ‐ royalty ‐ the voice said. You are royalty. You are the queen. That is why you’re allowed here. The Queen of what? I replied. But I received no answer.

The chaos and its music continued, pervading everything. On its song it’s telling me its secrets, but they were nothing I didn’t already know. It showed me its tentacles reaching into the oceans, forming coral… I already know this, I said.

I could tell this chaos was alien to some degree. Read more here…

Ayahuasca and My Surrender – Cassie A. – Florida, USA

The medicine showed me to stay on this path of healing and devotion first and foremost to maintaining the sacredness of Yage as rooted in all I do.

It showed me my souls purpose as as a healer and tested me to surrender completely to its wisdom.  And to base every thing I do on what God reveals to me which the medicine will keep me clear with understanding and strong with ability to carry things through.

It helped reveal my gifts as a healer and  connected me to my spirit guides and God and my tribe and God channeled through me to do radical healing of wounded lwhile on the medicine and showed me how to begin to strengthen my ability to heal the wounded daily which is my work which is a healer of wounded and that is worship.  Work is worship.

The medicine showed me I have to help the earth and all things and with my devotion to same I will be taken care of.  And showed me God is me and you and in all things and needs help keeping bad spirits from gaining power and that I have to work hard too in this area to help.  And again to completely surrender and have blond faith in this path. Read more here…

The First Private Session – Murat Ö. – Berlin, Germany

Ayahuasca is in first line a medicine for me.. for my body, psychological mind, and the soul. Healing can occur here from its root and not scratching on the surface like most of western medicine.

The was my first time where my setting was private…before that, I was taking it in groups, and had the chance to make my first experiences with Ayahuasca before… which most of them were very nice, but had also some intense ones…so I wanted to try it at home, with my own energy and for myself..i followed some traditions, burned tobacco and distributed the smoke in the room and over myself. Candles on, lights off. Taking it like its written here on the site.

In last times, increasing with Aya Sessions, I became more and more vegetarian, so i could do a good diet before. Also I did some Sports some hours before the ceremony, so it released my inner blockades a little more, and i get more balanced.

After 1 Hour, and the first Shot, I gave me some booster, with something half of the first one, because there was first only a dizzy body feeling before the booster, but then, after the booster it took only half hour more, and it began to affect more intensely. Read more here..

My First First Time -Anonymous – Navada, USA

I experienced Ayahuasca for the first time on Thursday May 2nd, 2016. I followed the preparation diet and fasted for 24 hours prior to my trip. As a result I did not vomit. At a little after dusk I ingested 20 ml of the brew. I waited 1 hour and drank another 40 ml.

I don’t know how long it was after this, however, BOOM!!! Very bright and brilliant colors pressed out of the pitch black background of my mind. My son was “sitting” for me.

I smiled from ear to ear and yelled, “Is’Real (my son’s name) it’s real baby!” Then laughed with joy. There was an indescribable warmth and pleasant feeling that blanketed my entire body. I was wearing a “Mindfold” apparatus which I immediately removed from my eyes. Wow! Everything looked so new and lively. Instantly I began to speak in an ancient tongue which was entirely foreign to my ears yet familiar to my mind.

It was what I, or my mind, would have said in English but could not. You see, Ayahuasca would not allow me to speak in English. At least not without great force. I spoke in this strange language for over 6 hours. Each time I closed my eyes I was offered a myriad of images. So many I decided to keep my eyes open.

Shortly after I blasted off, I felt nauseous. I dropped to my knees and went through the motions of vomiting 3 times, but I did not vomit. I’m glad I fasted. I did however purge by way of the energy that I released just as if I was vomiting if you know what I mean. It was very clear that emotional and psychic toxins were being released. Read more here…

Good luck on your journey!

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