Got Questions? It’s Probably One Of These

1.What are the ingredients in the brew?

This depends on your kit, but its always 2 ingredients. We currently have mimosa and harmala.

2.Is ayahusca legal in my country?

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) under United Nations stated that “I wish to inform you that no plant (natural materials) containing DMT is currently controlled under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances…” To see proof of the actual letter, go: Ayahuasca is illegal? Can I buy and use? (you have to check with your country’s law before ordering) The brewed tea might be considered in the grey area. But the kit is definitely LEGAL.

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3.How long does 1 dose of Ayahuasca Tea experience last, and if I take more than 1 dose, does it last longer?

The experience lasts 4-7 hours no matter the number of dosages. The more you take, the more intense the experience, so you have to be careful. If it is a heroic dosage, you might want to have a sitter there.

4.Where can you deliver to?

We deliver worldwide from Mexico, Spain, Holland, and Germany. Those are our locations. We deliver anywhere in the world with fast and discreet shipping.

5.I received your package today but it was not Ayahuasca. Why is it labeled under something else?

What you received is the Ayahuasca kit. We just put a different label on it to avoid problems and ensure that it arrives. Read the ayahuasca preparation guide before taking.

6.How come it is over 14 days and the tea still haven’t arrived like you said on your website?

95% of our deliveries goes smoothly, usually get to you 4-14 days. It is those 5% that gets lost or get stuck in customs. The packages that gets lost, we will resend; mostly without a fee, but sometimes with a shipping and handling fee of 20$ depending on the situation. The packages that gets stuck in customs, you would need to wait it out. We are able to track it so do not worry. We apologize for those inconveniences.

7.How do I pay?

All you need is your credit card and shipping address. Here is the order page and follow the instructions.

8. Hi,

I received the order and had my first ayahuasca drink.

After drinking it, nothing happen until one hour later, I felt dizzy and sleepy.

The time passed so fast and I even don’t remember the time.

I wanted to vomit but I didn’t, instead I had diarrhea several time.

I didn’t see so much things, it felt like I was not connected to the universe or higher dimension.

What I saw is many blurr objects with many eyes on the surface in my head, including the eye of horus and my eyes.

I saw ghosts and demons when I closed my eyes, but I think they just my imagination as I just felt a little bit scare.

Then, I felt like I’m dying, started to stop breathing and I said to my self to stop this ayahuasca and don’t die.

I went to toilet several times because of the diarrhea. Then I had a headache for the whole night.

I saw my grandfather when i closed my eyes, he smiled to me, but I’m not sure whether it is my imagination or not.

I slept until midnight and the image of demons was still in my head, but I told myself I should overcome them and I fell a sleep slowly.

When I woke up, I do feel I have a fresh new life but the good feeling was fade away slowly.

Do you have any ideas what happen to me? Could you give me some suggestion? As I read other people’s review they have a good feeling after taking ayahuasca, they saw universe and higher dimention life, this is what I’m expected but I think I got a bad trip, I have done my meditation before drinking the ayahuasca.

But I will try again next time.

Thank you, hope you can clear my doubts.




Hello, there are 2 reasons i see that can cause it.

1) It seems like your body or mind is still toxic. It is important to cleanse your body and do the DIET as this is very important to the process. Most people do not have diarrhea because they strictly follow the diet. The diarrhea means it is cleaning your body. see here for preparation:

2) Another possibility is when you see demons and ghosts, it means you’re in the middle of the realm between the human world and the ayahuasca world. The tea is trying to bring you to mother ayahuasca in another dimension, and the ghostly world is the passage way through it. What you need to do is to let go, and accept the fact you feel like dying(but you didn’t die because you’re writing your email to me). Let the experience guide you. As humans, our ego is always trying to take control, and when you do not let go, you do not complete the passage way to the aya world.

Next time you take it, follow the diet strictly, ie, no sex, alcohol, junk food, and etc. And take on empty stomach. Also, do not try to control the experience, instead, let the experience guide you to what you have to see and learn.

9. Thank you again for the tea.

I had the 40ml as recommended.  After 1.5 hrs i didnt feel any effect.  I brewed another 40ml and when i took a sip of it it immediately made me super nausea (I was already nausea and had urges to go to the restroom) and my inner voice told me no to drink it.  So I didnt.  I smelled it instead.  Then i slowly entered another state of consciousness.  It was quiet beautiful and insightful.  I had a great conversation.  It wasnt anything like what I had researched researched online so my suspicion is the dosage was not enough.

So some of the questions I have are.

1.  Does the material last the same brewed or in concentrate?

My logic here is to get the correct measurement I like to brew the whole thing and divide it by 10 to make sure i have an exact dosage.  I just want to make sure that the effects are not lowered or you lose the potency by storing it brewed.

2.  Can you take the tea in small amounts.

During the whole state i felt I could wake up and snap out of i wanted to at any moment if I wanted to.  I noticed the effects were working when I could see some my blanket was moving as though there was a snake in it.  So my logic is here if I take small amounts will it help me with daily reflections.

3.  Can you reheat the tea.

If I make the whole thing and put it in the fridge.  Should the tea be warmed.  If reheated does that affect the potency?  Is it recommended to drink it hot?
Hello, you’re probably not deep enough. But this is good since you know what it could feel like if you drank more and went deeper. If you want to break through, you would need to drink more.

1. Does the material last the same brewed or in concentrate?
By concentrate you mean not cooked? If so, it’ll last longer not cooked. The best way to store it is to keep it at the bottom of your fridge tightly sealed.

2. Can you take the tea in small amounts.
Small amount meaning microdosing? You can sign up for the 7 day crash course on and there it explains the concept of microdosing.

3. Can you reheat the tea.
Yes you can reheat the tea. But it is better if you only brew what you want to drink and leave the rest not brew, this will retain the potency.

Should the tea be warmed. If reheated does that affect the potency? Is it recommended to drink it hot?
If it is brewed, you need to reheat it and cool down to room temperature before drinking.

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