The Spiritual Benefits of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca can be a tool for personal improvement and enlightenment. Listed below are some of the spiritual benefits associated with the drinking of this wonderful brew:

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1. Ayahuasca Will Bring You Conscience Awareness and Ethical Awakening

Ayahuasca will help you cleanse your body of bad karma. It does this through conscience awareness– if you have previously lived a life full of ethically questionable deeds, the karma that result from these deeds often lie dormant in the body. Remember, this kind of karma cannot be easily hidden, ignored, or repressed.

The same also goes true for associated emotions like guilt, shame, fear. Ayahuasca will make you aware of all of these as well as ill karma that you may have in your body. And thus, with awareness, comes healing.

Through the Ayahuasca, one can learn to forgive one’s self, to recognize the causes of ill karma and reprogram one’s mind and body to actively avoid them.

It is almost impossible to hide anything in the Ayahuasca ceremony– the ethically questionable things that you might have done in the past will be revealed and pushed away from your system.

Those who are not ready to let go of their past deeds might find the whole experience scary, but those who want to live a life of enlightenment and peace will appreciate the good that Ayahuasca will bring into their lives.

2. Ayahuasca Will Show You That The World You’re Living In is Not What It Seems

With Ayahuasca, you will start to question everything. You will question the world around you. You will question the rules and restrictions of the game that you’re playing called life.

You will soon find out that the world you’re living in is full of lies. These lies have caught you up in their web, sapping your spiritual energy, making you feel weak, preventing you from becoming your best self, stopping you from attaining enlightenment.

You will be reminded of how fleeting the 3D world is- how impermanent it is and how you are stuck in it. It can be a harsh truth to stomach for some, but it is only with knowing the truth that one can be awakened.

Aside from opening you up to the lies of the world, Ayahuasca will also open you up to your own personal lies. These lies, some of which you might have been attached to, will be purged and removed from your body or transmuted into something more positive.

This is the reason why the Ayahuasca will cause you to vomit– it is purging your body of the ills- the emotional, spiritual, and karmic toxins that have plagued you throughout your life. The medicine will show you the deceptions that you are facing both externally and internally.

3. Ayahuasca Will Open Your Mind to the Idea of Higher Dimensions and ETs

The Ayahuasca will allow you to see and experience things in new ways. If previously, you have held on to the belief that there is no life after death and that ETS cannot possibly exist in this world- then this wonderful medicine might help you change your mind.

Ayahuasca can open up your consciousness to the idea that there are Upper Astral Beings and other higher intelligences that might be sharing our world.

The realities that these beings inhabit might have been previously inaccessible to most- but the medicine will allow you to connect with them. You can have the experience of astral projection, of being able to travel to other star systems and galaxies, of being able to share profound experiences with higher beings.

Many Ayahuasca users have received the gift of wisdom. This gift can only be received through complete surrender and submission to the effects of Ayahuasca. But the medicine does not merely teach to rely on it alone; the ideal effect here is to be able to combine the higher-dimensional experiences of the medicine with the cleansing of your Pineal Gland.

This would allow you to still have access to higher realities without the help of the medicine. But in the meantime, you can still be able to explore astral worlds and interact with other dimensional beings if you have clear ethics and your Pineal Gland is in good order.

4. Ayahuasca Can Teach You The Importance of Self-Love and Self-Respect

As you go further into the Ayahuasca treatment, you will slowly realize your own self-worth. You will be able to understand the importance of your relationship with the Spirit as well as your relationship with your inner self. This awakening will result, naturally, into you giving yourself more love, value, and attention.

Should there be any issues that affect the way you are living your life- like self degradation or poverty- the medicine will allow you to be finally rid of them so that you can be at your fullest potential. You’ll be able to live life that is both amazing and fulfilling.

5. Ayahuasca Will Teach You How to Surrender

The need to have too much control can be a deterrent to spiritual enlightenment. This is where the medicine steps in- it will teach you how to let go and relax.

There are people who try to control and impose their own will on the Ayahuasca, and this usually results into a less than stellar experience. You should be able to trust, surrender and give yourself fully to the power of the Ayahuasca in order for it to work efficiently. This, in itself, is already healing.

The spiritual maturity that being able to surrender to a power that is beyond you is empowering- it transcends beyond anything that you might have control over in your waking life.

Those who are able to appreciate the feeling of surrender and loss of control are the people who can fully receive the benefits of the Ayahuasca.

You are also the people who will be able to receive the bounty of sustenance, healing, wisdom, and enlightenment from the Spirit; these gifts will continuously seep into your lives over time, making you happier and wiser. You’ll be able to feel much more fulfilled and contented.

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Plan On Drinking Ayahuasca?
Whether you're new or have drank before. There are lessons here you don't know. 3 Ayahuasca Documentaries. 7 Ayahuasca lessons. We will send you over email, one for each day
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