Ayahuasca Preparation Guideline | A Walkthrough Experience

Are you interested in trying the popular ayahuasca ceremony? Are you ready to experience the life-changing session?

An ayahuasca ceremony is not your usual weekend getaway but a process that you must dedicate for quite a while with a whole lot of energy to enjoy the maximum benefits.

This treatment offers an incredible boost in your physical, mental and spiritual health. It will open your mind to a much wider reality with many more possibilities arising on the horizon.

Before the ceremony starts, you have to take some time to connect to the spirit of the plant and get ready to meet it. The actual ceremony is very extreme that it will leave you in awe.

After the Ayahuasca session, the processing begins and there’s no way to say when it will end. The moment you decide to embark on this adventure, it becomes inevitable to experience massive transformation.

The Ayahuasca therapy will clean and heal your mind, body and heart. However, you need to allow it to experience positive changes. You have to participate.

The insights given to you in the trance will stick with you and you will feel the urge to implement it into your daily routine. If you sense this, you should give in. What you must keep in mind is that this experience is going to engage your whole being at an intensity that you probably never experienced before.

The physical cleansing takes place through the purge. For the mental and emotional dimensions, you have to analyze and reassemble your thoughts and emotions in order to break all unhealthy patterns.

Ayahuasca ceremony is a wonderful experience but a hard process, so you have to prepare and surrender yourself for it.


The Preparation

The Ayahuasca ceremony is a crucial moment because it has the potential to switch the direction of your life. You need to be aware of this to maximize its benefits.

Getting ready before the actual ceremony is important because it will aid the cleansing sequence to be smoother and easier for your part. It’s especially true if it’s your first time. Being prepared helps you get into a state of being that will make it effortless for you to assimilate the visions and information without getting crushed by them.

To prepare, you must imagine that you’re entering a dimension of an incredibly expanded reality. Everything feels very real even though it is far off anything you could have imagined.

During the ayahuasca preparation, you will have to take care of your entire being. As such you will have to tend to your body, mind and heart in order to be ready to take in the ayahuasca energy and teachings.


A healthy diet will be necessary for at least a week before the ceremony. Remember, the process includes purging where you have to eliminate all the toxic in your body.

It is recommended that you stay away from red meat, spices and some fruits and vegetables that are difficult to digest.

Tobacco, alcohol and any other drugs, including prescribed medications, are also on the list of substances to avoid.


Sexual abstinence is an integral part of the training for the ceremony. A lot of vital energy gets lost through sexual activity and during this period you need to concentrate it throughout your body.

Like a lot of other religions, the ayahuasca belief is that abstinence brings clarity of the mind and heart and connects the spirit to higher levels of vibration. You need that kind of clarity, so you shouldn’t risk it, so you can fully submerge yourself in the ceremony.


During the ayahuasca ceremony, your mind will be overwhelmed with noise and thoughts coming out of nowhere. Expect old memories that you thought were long forgotten to resurface.

This includes the most horrible and traumatic experiences you had. That is why, it’s recommended to prepare emotionally and mentally. Keep calm and be mindful the week before the ceremony. Try to meditate and breathe.

However, I suggest that you don’t form any expectations or engage in imagining how your first trip would turn out to be. This will only deviate your concentration from the important aspects.

Better contemplate on where you are in your life and articulate a theme question about what you want to learn through the ayahuasca therapy.

Emotional Balance

Your traumas, frustrations and unhealed wounds from the past will potentially reappear during the trip. So, look ahead with courage at what awaits you.

Take care of your feelings. Be gentle and loving with yourself. Gather all your strength because you will need it.

The Ceremony

A minimum of seven to eight people will join you in the ayahuasca ceremony. This is a group experience, so your visions and emotions will be shared with everybody.

It is essential to be receptive and tolerant. Open your heart and mind so ayahuasca can enter. Let yourself loose to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Do not be too conscious about the others because just like you, they want to concentrate on the experience. All of you will be too occupied with your journey that you will not notice each other.

All of you will gather together with each having his own bed, a bottle of water and a bucket for purging. All are placed in a circle. And because of the intimacy of the reunion, this is a circle of trust.

The Ayahuasca ceremony is a beautiful and complex ritual with penetrating songs, puffing smoke and pulverizing perfume. The interior is inundated with aromas of incense sticks and palo santo. Before everything begins, the shaman performs a cleansing for the room.

He then blesses the ayahuasca and invites the participants, in a row, to drink their shot. The brew is viscous, dark brown and it has a sweet earthy taste. It is not as bad as people say, but nasty enough. You have to keep off from vomiting for 10-15 minutes otherwise you’ll get it out and it won’t have any effect on you.

TheThe shaman is the last to drink the mixture. Afterward, he blows off the candles and goes to his bed. Then everybody waits in silence and darkness for the spirit of the plant to come.

The ayahuasca will begin to take effect anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. But you can feel it inside your body much sooner, like a snake crawling from one part to the other. You can feel it grabbing your liver very strong, sending cold shivers down your spine then waves of heat and almost raising your arms in the air.

In the meantime, you feel dizzy and in a state in-between dream and reality. There are a lot of images and thoughts popping out in your mind, you may even fall asleep for a few moments. It will be hard to know, in this period, if the ayahuasca is taking effect or not because of the noise and

Time starts to warp and you can’t estimate if it’s a minute or an hour since you’ve drunk the miraculous potion. You may even start to transform into another creature and at this stage, you are unable to use your ration or perception to understand what’s going on.

At one point you will start purging and that is when the trip becomes clearer. With vomiting, a lot of the tension accumulated in your body will go away and with it, the mind will be less and less foggy.

You can feel the psychedelic effect of the plant coming with more vivid colors, dancing visual patterns and a burst of good energy. But it’s only when the shaman starts singing that you will begin to have visions.

The ayahuasca spirit usually appears under the form of an anaconda and its first tendency is to strangle you. But once the spirit is in you, you can talk to it and let yourself be guided.

During the trance, you will connect with people of your past and present, with certain meaningful events and at the same time with fairytale creatures from unknown realities. Time and space dissolve and everything takes a symbolic meaning.

From time to time, the shaman intervenes with smoke or perfume. The flavors change the vibration of your experience, refresh your mental realm, and bring new colors, emotions and thoughts. Whenever the shaman sings it’s like turning the page to another chapter of the trance.

From a point onwards, the trance starts to lose the visions and the grabbing intensity, in favor of a state of calmness and crystal clear lucidity. It transcends you to a higher dimension of unknown clarity.

From that height, the structure of your life and that of the universe can be seen in great detail as well as in the grand picture. This is the level where everything seems to be connected by a profound sense. And you will understand that sense but might not be able to articulate it.

The experience itself is not something that you can put in words. We simply have no vocabulary to contain it. The level of clarity that you attain is something that we usually consider the perspective of the gods.

While still under the spirit of ayahuasca, you can identify with every person, entity or thing that comes to mind. And you feel in perfect unity with everything there is. You feel the flow of universal force going through you.

It appears as if you have been touched by divine grace so you can say that this is truly a mystical endeavor.

The Ayahuasca effect goes away very smoothly and leaves you with a sensation of pleasant tiredness, good vibes and a peaceful atmosphere of the mind.

The After-Effect

Weeks after the ayahuasca ceremony you will feel absolutely great from all points of view. You will notice a boost of energy and the urge to live a happier and healthier life.

This plant therapy will help you readdress everything in your life and look at your path and purpose with more certainty. You have to keep the energy and the knowledge gained to re-structure your life accordingly.

For the ayahuasca effects to last long, it is best to maintain a healthy diet and a strong mental and emotional state just like what you do during the preparation.

The process will be easier for you because your mind will run away from negative thoughts. Also, you will know how to avoid the people or events that could be harmful to you on an emotional level.

From time to time, the visions and emotions you have experienced during the ayahuasca ceremony will reverberate and as time passes by, you will start to understand the way it will change you.

The Start Of A Journey

For some, their first ayahuasca session is the start of their journey. It enables them to explore the limits of their consciousness and the depths of the universe. The shamans and most experienced aficionados say that with every session, you dive more and more into other dimensions of reality.

By doing the ceremony repeatedly, you will become more familiar with the spirit of ayahuasca and you can begin sessions that are targeted to learning specific things. With experience, it becomes easier to decipher the answer and the symbols revealed in the trance.

The first ayahuasca ceremony is centered on yourself, but your next sessions will open you towards the astral plane!


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